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OOC and Completely Unrelated: Hide and Seek

December 31, 2008

Normally my Blogs consist of mainly RP or Holy Paladin posts, but I saw this over on That Damn RolePlayer‘s site and had to post it.

I’m really not a big fan of WoW Video’s, but this one blew me away. Plus the main character resembles Lae lol Seriously though, my first character was a Rogue and I have always been attracted to them. When I played alliance I had a hatred for Onyxia’s human form as well (Such a bitch!) I especially loved the appearance of one of my favorite moves from Dead or Alive, one of my most loved games of all-time. I was unable to tear myself away from this video and decided to share it.

It tells a story and the animation is breathtaking, so be sure to watch it.



IC Journal Entry: Complications

December 31, 2008

I fear there really hasn’t been much for me to write about lately, dear journal. I have not seen my sister or Keira, scarcely have I met with Belinor… its been relatively uneventful for me. Until yesterday that is.

Yesterday evening I was to meet Belinor in our usual fashion. I had spoke to him very little the night before. That was the first time we had been together since before my trip with Abigore. Its not that we weren’t excited to finally see each other again, it felt so nice to be near him, I think we were both just worn out as it were. Still, he took me to the ruins of Avalon and told me of the lands there. Read the rest of this entry ?


OOC: Heroics, Day 1

December 30, 2008

Last night myself and some guildies tried to get back into doing heroics, since we resume Naxx this weekend and most of us are still saving up the many badges for our T7 chests. It went… not so hot, but I believe most of it to be from raid-rust.

We started with Heroic Violet Hold, my favorite heroic. While nothing really drops for me I usually find it to be painless, short and an easy 3 badges. We started off a bit rocky, I was trapped and silenced at the end of a pull, therefore leaving our tank needing some heals. The next portal was across the room up some stairs, so he ran away from me and then out of LoS, I tried to throw a holy shock at him, but it was too late. Not so bad because we weren’t that far in, but it really didn’t get much better.

The first boss was Xevozz, which I understand is an annoying boss, but I’ve done it before a few times with limited troubles. This time though it was just riddled with problems. For starters, the group was somewhat lagging behind and when I would go to heal, often found people out of LoS. With BoL on the tank, and no one in LoS to heal, he wasn’t getting any heals either, something I probably should have realized sooner. I went to LoH, but it was too late. Grrr.

A note about that. It really irritates me when I go to use LoH but the target dies before and I end up using it on myself and therefore wasting the 16min CD. I’m pretty sure the only way around that is to turn Auto-Self cast off, but that can be annoying for a load of other spells.

I tried to keep calm, at least I was getting some good rep >.> We went through it again and again wiped on the boss. The tank had taken a 13k hit and then a 14k hit back to back, I think he has about 27k health all buffed up. Of Course LoH was still on CD from the last attempt, so yeah. By that time I was getting really irritated so we decided to try something else. We moved on to Heroic Utgarde Keep, which is another pretty painless instance.

This one went MUCH better, but… still really not our best. My husband is always wanting to try for the On the Rocks achievment from the first boss, so I figured we’d give it a go. Our Mage accidentally body pulled (following the stealthed rogue >.>) but we made it through the first tomb successfully. But then the tank got tombed and that didn’t go over so hot. We went back in and decided we’d try for the achievement another day and ended up doing the rest of the instance wipe-free, aside from losing DPS on both bosses due to their own mistakes.

I felt better after Utgaurde Keep, but not much lol. It was still really sloppy, not just on my part, but everyone’s. We really need to pull it together for Naxx this weeked. I’m sure though that after we do some more Heroics and get back in the swing of things we’ll be fine. After Utgarde Keep someone needed one more badge, so we did the first boss in Gundrak, which went absolutely fine, therefore confirming my views on raid-rust.

Today I think I’d liked to give H-VH and H-UK another try, and perhaps also H-CoT: Strat, since Siha over at BananaShoulders has said it was another easy one to do. Though I should really probably be looking into Heroics that actually DROP things for me lol. After buying the Libram of Renewal, I think I have about 45 badges, maybe more, so if I try to do 3 heroics a day, I might be able to get the chest in time for Naxx, but we’ll see.


OOC: Character Theme Songs

December 28, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes – I am a postaphile, I have no excuse for my actions! I was doing some reading of other blog’s passed (or is it past? damn grammar) and remembered that I did actually pick a Theme Song for Lae’s relationship with Abigore.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t. Abigore is actually my husband IRL, but we don’t RP in any sort of romantic sense, though I do have a romantic relationship on Lae, and have had romantic relationships on other characters. Mainly because he doesn’t RP much *AHEM*

A lot of this is due to the blatantly obvious line between IC and OOC. He obviously reads about all my antics in my journal and therefore understands that I use these relationships as a bit of a crutch, to fill out my character and of course, to have more frequent RP encounters. Many couples have the same understanding, even when dealing with ERP… though I am not a large fan of ERP. But I digress…

I am a very large fan of music and have often written many personal journals about things going on in my life, only to use lyrics from a song that resonates the same type of emotion. Naturally this tranfers over into RP as well. Its a common thread on RP forums and something I highly enjoy figuring out. You simply choose a song that definds your character, a point in their storyline or a connection they have with someone else. Lae’s theme song is located under the page titled IC Info and can be found there.

He actually refered to this in one of his IC Entries. Therefore I submit to you, Abi and Lae’s Theme Song:

Character Name: Laeyla Sunspark and Abigore Fouloath
Song Name: Evil Friend
Original Artist: Deadboy and the Elephantmen/Dax Riggs

Song/Youtube Link(Optional): Youtube

Description: Daxx Riggs is one of Abi and my’s favorite Artists! This is one of Abi’s favorite songs by them. It was hard to find a youtube for it because they don’t really make videos. I think this really fits Lae and Abi’s relationship in-game as well as the work that they do together. Lae is one of the only people Abi doesn’t act condescending towards and she notices. Although it is one of her duties to protect him, she does care for him greatly.

It never ends at the death of things
Love will swing, burn everything and sing
Evil Friend
There is starlight in your blood
It seems that our shadows are wearing us
Evil Friend
You knew rebirth but died again
Evil friend
You’ve got a black tooth that speaks no truth
Evil Friend
Burn everything and sing
Evil friend
We are night sky
We are god’s eye
At the end of a lullaby
On the shore of tears yet to be cried


OOC: Insomnia etc.

December 28, 2008

I ended up sleeping today until 3am… oops? So I didn’t get to run into Belinor or Keira for that matter. I feel kinda bad about that. I got an in-game mail from Belinor saying he had to get up early to work and then play DnD later, but he hoped to catch me later tonight. HA! I knew he played DnD. Something about how well he RPs just made me think that.

I have never played any other fantasy type game aside from WoW nor have I wanted to.  My husband used to try and convince me to play EQ actually but I always thought my machine couldn’t handle it. I tried to get into VTM, but I couldn’t find a server to play it online. I also gave NWN a try, but again, didn’t get into it. I played Starcraft once and lets just say RTS is not my cup of tea. I dunno how I picked up WoW so easily actually, but anywho…

I wrote him back and told him my sleep schedule is topsy turvy and that I hoped to have it balanced out by today. Now I just have to stick with that and hope that by the time he signs on I am awake enough to focus and not make an idiot out of myself.

Yesterday I read up to Chapter 10 of Twilight. I am a little annoyed with the character Bella, but my interest in Edward keeps me reading. I took a break to look up the soundtrack, hoping it might be good. I saw a few bands I liked, specifically Mutemath. I tried to get it from Soulseek, but I grew impatient and ended up buying the MP3 Download from Amazon. It was only $9 and I’m sure I’ve wasted much more than that on other crap. I listened to it while I wrote my last IC Journal Entry, nothing really stood out. I also looked up information on the movie and was also quite displeased.

For those of you who haven’t read the book, Edward is a Vampire. But he’s like one of those sultry awesome vamps. He is supposed to be very beautiful and muscular. His eyes and voice are often hypnotic. I’ll admit that in a very teenage girl way I slightly lust after this fictional character. *coughs* When reading the book I’ve envisioned the actor Gale Harold, most noted for his role as Brian in Queer as Folk. Now that is one fine piece of man-meat, if I do say so myself. *more coughing* However the actual actor they used to portray Edward is Robert Patterson.

Epic Fail imo, but enough about my obsession with Teen Drama.

With the Holidays around and my most recent insomnia binge, I haven’t done a thing on WoW minus 3 dailies and my Inscription research. I really need to get myself back into the swing of things. I have been meaning to do a bit of min/maxing with my gear, replacing all of my green gems with perfect cuts and looking into getting some good enchants. Its not much, but it might make healing a tad easier, and I’m all for that.

I really should quit being a pansy as well and try to run more heroics. I realized that maybe I chose the few heroics I don’t mind running because I’ve ran them so often. There are still two 80 dungeons I have yet to complete on normal, Halls of Stone and The Occulus. I made it about half way through the Occulus once with a pug, but the pug consisted of an Unholy DK and two Ret Pallies. Combine all that AOE that with a very spacious instance and a not so uber machine and you get LAG CITY. I couldnt even complete it. My normal group has no heavily AOE dependent classes so hopefully it won’t be as bad, however most of my guildies refer to that instance as The Cockulus… for reasons which I am sure I need not explain.

The New Year is coming up fast and that means its almost time to go back into Naxx, I really should get myself some upgrades before then and farm some badges. This new expansion just makes me so lazy! I know there is a lot I should be doing, but for some reason I am so unmotivated to do any of it. Hopefully I can sit down and get things done though.

Really I haven’t done much of anything! Lazy Bum that I am! I have my book to read but you can only read so long you know? I have the first 3 discs of Desperate Housewives: Season 4 from Netflix but meh, I think I saw most of those episodes. There are also a couple movies I received from Christmas as well. Perhaps I’ll watch those a little later when I make my yummy pasta that I bought for lunch.

Aside from all of that, I really like my new blog. It has kept me occupied throughout this little insomnia binge. I have tried to get some more sites on my BlogRoll, and am trying to generate some more feedback on my own entries. I think I’m failing though. I scoured through Fear.Win‘s BlogRoll and grabbed up the few RP blogs he had listed, but if anyone out there is reading this and has any suggestions (RP Blogs, Pally Healing Blogs) or has a blog of their own I might like, please let me know!


OOC: RPs Passed

December 27, 2008

After I made my last entry and linked my new Blog here on WordPress to my Guild Portal signature, I felt a little nostalgic and looked up my first ever RP blog written about the storyline of my virgin-RP character, Remmie.

When I first rolled on Sisters of Elune almost a year ago, I was a total RP newb and I assuredly made an idiot out of myself as I tried to get into it. I wanted to RP with people, but I could never find anything. One night I was bored, the Inn was empty (not that it mattered anyway seeing as how I would sit there for hours and still no one would talk to me) finally I figured it couldn’t get any worse and I actually posted in trade that I was looking for someone to RP with.

It turned out that someone thought it completely comical that I would do that and since he was bored as well, took me up on my offer. Its so weird how that happened actually because he was a fantastic Rper and taught me everything I pretty much know about how to RP.

He originally played on the alliance side, but at that time the RP was very slow over there and more hoppin’ on horde side, so he made an undead to get his RP jollies with. Something about the way Remmie was and the way his character was, just seemed to really click and we had a great time together for about a month or so.

Since its just past 1pm, and the husband is still asleep >.> I decided to give my old blog a read. I remember all of the incidents I wrote about so well. When I played Remmie I somehow managed to get into a guild called The Broken House, its still around today actually and is known for being a highly literary and heavy RP guild. How an RP newb like myself got in there I have no idea, but once I started writing my journal for Remmie all of the officers and many guild mates seemed to get hooked on it.

As I read through the writing and the comments they left, I almost feel as if I’ve lost a bit of what I had back then. I think its because of the difference in characters mostly. Remmie was so childlike, everything was magical to her. Lae, however, is a tad bit jaded and weary of everything. My Rp style has changed a good amount as well. I used to spend all night with Belmonte, just roaming the city engaging in random RP, when we were alone we spent a good deal just talking.  Belinor is a fabulous RPer as well, but we don’t spend as much quality time together I think. I am hoping that will change though seeing as how its still a new “relationship.”

Anyway I thought that I would link it here, in case some of you were curious to see my writing style close to a year ago. Maybe you have some input on the differences.

Its only 10 entries, but you know me! Theyre a little wordy. You can check it out here.


IC Journal Entry: Diseased Wildlife

December 27, 2008

I didn’t have as much time to write over my excursion with Abigore as I thought I would. It turns out that there was a sudden outbreak among some Shoveltusks as it were. Why the Apothecary took an interest in this is beyond me, but alas if there is hope then I must treach onward, however unwilling I may be.

Abigore seemed most interested in the sickly beasts, not to my surprise. He thought to take one back to the Apothecary, assured Faranell would be interested. Upon realizing the outbreak was unrelated to the Apothecary’s work he gave up on the idea, which came as a great relief to me. Could you imagine traveling all the way home with the rotted and unsanitary carcass of a Shoveltusk?

I certainly couldn’t. Despicable.

On the journey back to the Undercity my mind wandered. I was disappointed to come back empty-handed. The trip took a good chunk out of my already busy schedule. I had wanted to lurk the streets of Silvermoon in search of Belinor’s cousin, Kristophe. Apparently he is quite dangerous and though I am quite curious about him, I intend on approaching the situation with great caution. If I am even able to find him all that is.

In addition to my search for Kristophe, I had another meeting I was anxiously awaiting. A meeting with Keira and a friend she has made. When I had met with her the other day we spoke briefly about him before Lyceros showed up and she helped me to execute my grand escape from the city. Though I suppose I have yet to tell you anything about Keira, aside from the fact that she is insufferable and quite the little annoyance.

Read the rest of this entry ?