OOC: RPs Passed

December 27, 2008

After I made my last entry and linked my new Blog here on WordPress to my Guild Portal signature, I felt a little nostalgic and looked up my first ever RP blog written about the storyline of my virgin-RP character, Remmie.

When I first rolled on Sisters of Elune almost a year ago, I was a total RP newb and I assuredly made an idiot out of myself as I tried to get into it. I wanted to RP with people, but I could never find anything. One night I was bored, the Inn was empty (not that it mattered anyway seeing as how I would sit there for hours and still no one would talk to me) finally I figured it couldn’t get any worse and I actually posted in trade that I was looking for someone to RP with.

It turned out that someone thought it completely comical that I would do that and since he was bored as well, took me up on my offer. Its so weird how that happened actually because he was a fantastic Rper and taught me everything I pretty much know about how to RP.

He originally played on the alliance side, but at that time the RP was very slow over there and more hoppin’ on horde side, so he made an undead to get his RP jollies with. Something about the way Remmie was and the way his character was, just seemed to really click and we had a great time together for about a month or so.

Since its just past 1pm, and the husband is still asleep >.> I decided to give my old blog a read. I remember all of the incidents I wrote about so well. When I played Remmie I somehow managed to get into a guild called The Broken House, its still around today actually and is known for being a highly literary and heavy RP guild. How an RP newb like myself got in there I have no idea, but once I started writing my journal for Remmie all of the officers and many guild mates seemed to get hooked on it.

As I read through the writing and the comments they left, I almost feel as if I’ve lost a bit of what I had back then. I think its because of the difference in characters mostly. Remmie was so childlike, everything was magical to her. Lae, however, is a tad bit jaded and weary of everything. My Rp style has changed a good amount as well. I used to spend all night with Belmonte, just roaming the city engaging in random RP, when we were alone we spent a good deal just talking.  Belinor is a fabulous RPer as well, but we don’t spend as much quality time together I think. I am hoping that will change though seeing as how its still a new “relationship.”

Anyway I thought that I would link it here, in case some of you were curious to see my writing style close to a year ago. Maybe you have some input on the differences.

Its only 10 entries, but you know me! Theyre a little wordy. You can check it out here.


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