OOC: Character Theme Songs

December 28, 2008

Yes, Yes, Yes – I am a postaphile, I have no excuse for my actions! I was doing some reading of other blog’s passed (or is it past? damn grammar) and remembered that I did actually pick a Theme Song for Lae’s relationship with Abigore.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t. Abigore is actually my husband IRL, but we don’t RP in any sort of romantic sense, though I do have a romantic relationship on Lae, and have had romantic relationships on other characters. Mainly because he doesn’t RP much *AHEM*

A lot of this is due to the blatantly obvious line between IC and OOC. He obviously reads about all my antics in my journal and therefore understands that I use these relationships as a bit of a crutch, to fill out my character and of course, to have more frequent RP encounters. Many couples have the same understanding, even when dealing with ERP… though I am not a large fan of ERP. But I digress…

I am a very large fan of music and have often written many personal journals about things going on in my life, only to use lyrics from a song that resonates the same type of emotion. Naturally this tranfers over into RP as well. Its a common thread on RP forums and something I highly enjoy figuring out. You simply choose a song that definds your character, a point in their storyline or a connection they have with someone else. Lae’s theme song is located under the page titled IC Info and can be found there.

He actually refered to this in one of his IC Entries. Therefore I submit to you, Abi and Lae’s Theme Song:

Character Name: Laeyla Sunspark and Abigore Fouloath
Song Name: Evil Friend
Original Artist: Deadboy and the Elephantmen/Dax Riggs

Song/Youtube Link(Optional): Youtube

Description: Daxx Riggs is one of Abi and my’s favorite Artists! This is one of Abi’s favorite songs by them. It was hard to find a youtube for it because they don’t really make videos. I think this really fits Lae and Abi’s relationship in-game as well as the work that they do together. Lae is one of the only people Abi doesn’t act condescending towards and she notices. Although it is one of her duties to protect him, she does care for him greatly.

It never ends at the death of things
Love will swing, burn everything and sing
Evil Friend
There is starlight in your blood
It seems that our shadows are wearing us
Evil Friend
You knew rebirth but died again
Evil friend
You’ve got a black tooth that speaks no truth
Evil Friend
Burn everything and sing
Evil friend
We are night sky
We are god’s eye
At the end of a lullaby
On the shore of tears yet to be cried



  1. ((<3 this song – I want to RP more but I has no time!))

  2. I knows, no worries.

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