OOC: Insomnia etc.

December 28, 2008

I ended up sleeping today until 3am… oops? So I didn’t get to run into Belinor or Keira for that matter. I feel kinda bad about that. I got an in-game mail from Belinor saying he had to get up early to work and then play DnD later, but he hoped to catch me later tonight. HA! I knew he played DnD. Something about how well he RPs just made me think that.

I have never played any other fantasy type game aside from WoW nor have I wanted to.  My husband used to try and convince me to play EQ actually but I always thought my machine couldn’t handle it. I tried to get into VTM, but I couldn’t find a server to play it online. I also gave NWN a try, but again, didn’t get into it. I played Starcraft once and lets just say RTS is not my cup of tea. I dunno how I picked up WoW so easily actually, but anywho…

I wrote him back and told him my sleep schedule is topsy turvy and that I hoped to have it balanced out by today. Now I just have to stick with that and hope that by the time he signs on I am awake enough to focus and not make an idiot out of myself.

Yesterday I read up to Chapter 10 of Twilight. I am a little annoyed with the character Bella, but my interest in Edward keeps me reading. I took a break to look up the soundtrack, hoping it might be good. I saw a few bands I liked, specifically Mutemath. I tried to get it from Soulseek, but I grew impatient and ended up buying the MP3 Download from Amazon. It was only $9 and I’m sure I’ve wasted much more than that on other crap. I listened to it while I wrote my last IC Journal Entry, nothing really stood out. I also looked up information on the movie and was also quite displeased.

For those of you who haven’t read the book, Edward is a Vampire. But he’s like one of those sultry awesome vamps. He is supposed to be very beautiful and muscular. His eyes and voice are often hypnotic. I’ll admit that in a very teenage girl way I slightly lust after this fictional character. *coughs* When reading the book I’ve envisioned the actor Gale Harold, most noted for his role as Brian in Queer as Folk. Now that is one fine piece of man-meat, if I do say so myself. *more coughing* However the actual actor they used to portray Edward is Robert Patterson.

Epic Fail imo, but enough about my obsession with Teen Drama.

With the Holidays around and my most recent insomnia binge, I haven’t done a thing on WoW minus 3 dailies and my Inscription research. I really need to get myself back into the swing of things. I have been meaning to do a bit of min/maxing with my gear, replacing all of my green gems with perfect cuts and looking into getting some good enchants. Its not much, but it might make healing a tad easier, and I’m all for that.

I really should quit being a pansy as well and try to run more heroics. I realized that maybe I chose the few heroics I don’t mind running because I’ve ran them so often. There are still two 80 dungeons I have yet to complete on normal, Halls of Stone and The Occulus. I made it about half way through the Occulus once with a pug, but the pug consisted of an Unholy DK and two Ret Pallies. Combine all that AOE that with a very spacious instance and a not so uber machine and you get LAG CITY. I couldnt even complete it. My normal group has no heavily AOE dependent classes so hopefully it won’t be as bad, however most of my guildies refer to that instance as The Cockulus… for reasons which I am sure I need not explain.

The New Year is coming up fast and that means its almost time to go back into Naxx, I really should get myself some upgrades before then and farm some badges. This new expansion just makes me so lazy! I know there is a lot I should be doing, but for some reason I am so unmotivated to do any of it. Hopefully I can sit down and get things done though.

Really I haven’t done much of anything! Lazy Bum that I am! I have my book to read but you can only read so long you know? I have the first 3 discs of Desperate Housewives: Season 4 from Netflix but meh, I think I saw most of those episodes. There are also a couple movies I received from Christmas as well. Perhaps I’ll watch those a little later when I make my yummy pasta that I bought for lunch.

Aside from all of that, I really like my new blog. It has kept me occupied throughout this little insomnia binge. I have tried to get some more sites on my BlogRoll, and am trying to generate some more feedback on my own entries. I think I’m failing though. I scoured through Fear.Win‘s BlogRoll and grabbed up the few RP blogs he had listed, but if anyone out there is reading this and has any suggestions (RP Blogs, Pally Healing Blogs) or has a blog of their own I might like, please let me know!



  1. You wouldn’t have caught me anyways! Drim’s over and he’s been yanking me away from the computer pretty consistently.

    Maybe later once I drop the bum off we can run some awesome shit.

  2. By far the most entertaining RP blog ever-

    Casual Hardcore is another Healadin blog-

    I also dug through my bookmarks and found this-

    ..but it’s Casual Hardcore’s old blog T_T.

    There is always Plusheal.com as well.

    Oh, this is kind of mixed between tanking and healing-

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