OOC: Heroics, Day 1

December 30, 2008

Last night myself and some guildies tried to get back into doing heroics, since we resume Naxx this weekend and most of us are still saving up the many badges for our T7 chests. It went… not so hot, but I believe most of it to be from raid-rust.

We started with Heroic Violet Hold, my favorite heroic. While nothing really drops for me I usually find it to be painless, short and an easy 3 badges. We started off a bit rocky, I was trapped and silenced at the end of a pull, therefore leaving our tank needing some heals. The next portal was across the room up some stairs, so he ran away from me and then out of LoS, I tried to throw a holy shock at him, but it was too late. Not so bad because we weren’t that far in, but it really didn’t get much better.

The first boss was Xevozz, which I understand is an annoying boss, but I’ve done it before a few times with limited troubles. This time though it was just riddled with problems. For starters, the group was somewhat lagging behind and when I would go to heal, often found people out of LoS. With BoL on the tank, and no one in LoS to heal, he wasn’t getting any heals either, something I probably should have realized sooner. I went to LoH, but it was too late. Grrr.

A note about that. It really irritates me when I go to use LoH but the target dies before and I end up using it on myself and therefore wasting the 16min CD. I’m pretty sure the only way around that is to turn Auto-Self cast off, but that can be annoying for a load of other spells.

I tried to keep calm, at least I was getting some good rep >.> We went through it again and again wiped on the boss. The tank had taken a 13k hit and then a 14k hit back to back, I think he has about 27k health all buffed up. Of Course LoH was still on CD from the last attempt, so yeah. By that time I was getting really irritated so we decided to try something else. We moved on to Heroic Utgarde Keep, which is another pretty painless instance.

This one went MUCH better, but… still really not our best. My husband is always wanting to try for the On the Rocks achievment from the first boss, so I figured we’d give it a go. Our Mage accidentally body pulled (following the stealthed rogue >.>) but we made it through the first tomb successfully. But then the tank got tombed and that didn’t go over so hot. We went back in and decided we’d try for the achievement another day and ended up doing the rest of the instance wipe-free, aside from losing DPS on both bosses due to their own mistakes.

I felt better after Utgaurde Keep, but not much lol. It was still really sloppy, not just on my part, but everyone’s. We really need to pull it together for Naxx this weeked. I’m sure though that after we do some more Heroics and get back in the swing of things we’ll be fine. After Utgarde Keep someone needed one more badge, so we did the first boss in Gundrak, which went absolutely fine, therefore confirming my views on raid-rust.

Today I think I’d liked to give H-VH and H-UK another try, and perhaps also H-CoT: Strat, since Siha over at BananaShoulders has said it was another easy one to do. Though I should really probably be looking into Heroics that actually DROP things for me lol. After buying the Libram of Renewal, I think I have about 45 badges, maybe more, so if I try to do 3 heroics a day, I might be able to get the chest in time for Naxx, but we’ll see.



  1. If you’re doing CoT: Strat, talk to your groupmates beforehand and stress to them that everyone needs to move as a group, and fast, if you’re trying for a timed run. It pretty much needs to be chain-pulled if you want a shot at the bronze drake. (That said, that might be a bit ambitious for your first go in there, but it’s definitely doable, and a fun fast run once you’ve got it down.)

    Sorry you had a rocky night though – I had one of those too last night, maybe there was something in the air!

  2. The only parts about heroic Strat I hate are the mass amounts of random stuns from Meathook and the massive amounts of damage from the 3rd boss (which can be avoided or mitigated by our group with evasion, ice block and dispersion). We should be ok.

  3. …./begforforgiveness

    I took a break from WoW today so next time I run a heroic.. hopefully no more magetanking >.>; I’m not really sure what was going on. My mind wasn’t really there… Still. No excuse.

    Monday night blues, maybe?

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