IC Journal Entry: Complications

December 31, 2008

I fear there really hasn’t been much for me to write about lately, dear journal. I have not seen my sister or Keira, scarcely have I met with Belinor… its been relatively uneventful for me. Until yesterday that is.

Yesterday evening I was to meet Belinor in our usual fashion. I had spoke to him very little the night before. That was the first time we had been together since before my trip with Abigore. Its not that we weren’t excited to finally see each other again, it felt so nice to be near him, I think we were both just worn out as it were. Still, he took me to the ruins of Avalon and told me of the lands there. We escaped to a run-down inn where he had planned to tell me a story, but we were both so exhausted we simply fell fast asleep.

Feeling refreshed the next day, I wanted it to be a bit more special, so I put on a lovely dress that I had purchased while shopping with Catalysta. Normally I am still wearing my battle armor when I meet with Belinor, though I’m not sure why. Lyceros used to complain if I did this, but Belinor doesn’t seem to mind. I think I would just rather hurry away from my day of battle to be with him instead of fussing over my appearance.  The cut of the dress was very flattering for my figure I thought, the pale blue fabric seemed to go well with the color of my hair. I felt a bit silly, but he did appreciate it greatly I think.

I wandered the city for a moment looking for him. I wasnt having much luck so I thought I might stop in with the Sin’dorei Ambassador a moment. I was walking through the empty hallway leading to the Royal Quarter, when I heard Belinor’s voice. I’m actually thankful for this now that I think back on it. I’m not sure what the Ambassador would say about my choice in dress! Belinor was speaking to Lady Sylvannas about something, but I could not hear most of it. It was rude of me to pry anyway, so I simply waited around the corner for him to be finished. When his eyes fell on me his spirits seemed lifted a bit. He showed me many compliments and I was glad I had chosen the dress. He explained to me that he had a somewhat trying day and that he wanted to get away from the city. I thought it was somewhat strange of him, but again I didn’t want to intrude. I followed him out of the Undercity and through the hills of Tirisfall traveling northeast.

He took me to a small area I had never been before. It was simply amazing. He explained that we were in the Ruins of Quel’thalas, one of the only places left that had been untouched by civilization. It was very lush and green, reminding me of a place you might find instead in Feralas or perhaps Teldrassil even. Remarkable how it remained untouched all this time, laying between the corrupted Plaguelands and Ghostlands. We were right on the edge of the sea and there was a dock in decent condition. We stood there awhile marveling at how the sea met with they sky and stretched on for what seemed like an eternity.

He spoke a little on how there could be many other worlds out there, possibly even affected by the trials we face on our own soil. It seemed as though there was something on his mind and I thought back to his hushed meeting with Sylvannas. I was just gaining the tact to ask him about this, when he produced a lovely arrangement of roses for me. Their color was the deepest of reds, as if they had grown from the blood of all the Gods. The scent of them was rich and bold, yet remarkably sweet and still somehow light. They were unbelievably lovely, I must find a way to preserve them so they always stay as beautiful, my own small version of the Ruins of Quel’thalas.

He went on to explain that he had purchased the flowers in order to mark the passing of one weeks time since having met me. I did find it incredibly sweet yet somewhat strange at the same time. Comical to me how I man who was capable of so many horrible things in another lifetime would turn out to be so sentimental in this one. I spent a moment teasing him playfully on his romantical tactics, but assuring him I found the act endearing. When the moment seemed light enough I slyly inquired about his meeting with the Dark Lady. Unfortunately my attempts at being nonchalant could use some work.

He seemed to be hard pressed to talk about this, which I found difficult to understand because it was so obviously bothering him and he is normally open to me about his affairs. He shunned most of my questions saying only that he did not wish to speak on matters and let them spoil the lovely evening with me. I assured him it would be better to talk of them instead of bottling them in. Surely he would dwell on them regardless of his desire to cast them aside. I didn’t really seem to be getting through to him and I found his stubbornness very uncharacteristic and almost obnoxious even.

Finally, and much to my relief, he listened to reason and gave in, telling me of how he had met an infuriating woman while he was in the city earlier. He left out many details I am sure, but from what I gathered this woman was a Paladin such as myself. For some reason she started in on him because he is a Death Knight, something most Paladins dislike greatly. It wasn’t an uncommon thing and I have dealt with the stares and whispers from fellow Blood Knights often while walking through Silvermoon with my sister.

He went on to say that in their banter, he had referred to her as a Blood Knight, which she did not like. Odd. Lady Liadrin gave to us that name herself, along with all that she had learned and taken from the most noble of Alliance heroes. I hold these powers as well as that title with great honor. Its almost blasphemous to not. You would think with this person’s crazed zealotry over a Death Knight, she would be somewhat more traditional. The next words he spoke, though they didn’t clear up her thoughts on traditions, did clear another thing up for me…

He explained that the woman was a “Half-Elf”, partially human and partially Sin’dorei. My breathe almost caught in my chest. I have met only one sister of the light who had been this “Half-Elf” and I did know her to be quite set on her thoughts of Death Knights.


His further explanation confirmed this as he spoke of her incessant violent threats, only to revoke them for my sake alone. Indeed he must have had a run in with Nia. It was only a matter of time really. I knew she would not take to him kindly and put off their meeting when we she was still within rankings with the order. Obviously though, in the often filled streets of Silvermoon and myself being occupied in Northrend, there was nothing I could do to prevent their meeting. It went over pretty much how I would have expected it to.

He continued on to say that it wasn’t just her necessarily that was getting him so worked up. He had continued to encounter so many people that were filled to the brim with animosity. I understood how he felt actually, because I feel the same way. Its as if people are not learning from our past mistakes. Not just this generation, but of those who have walked these lands before us. History has a way of repeating itself and it is up to us to break this cycle.

The zealotry I see from fellow Blood Knights reminds me all too much of the Scarlet Crusade and their views on the Forsaken. I have often used the example of how the horde were not exactly keen on the introduction of the Sin’dorei to their arms. Yet again these same people, namely Blood Knights, continue to treat the Death Knights in the same manner? This makes no sense to me and saddens me all the same. With a war that is waging against someone so powerful and deceptive as the Lich King, there is no room for inner conflict.

This is why I am so glad to have met Belinor. We seem to share the same views on things ranging from great importance to even the ones of almost irrelevance. He truly is refreshing to be around, I suppose even when he’s being stubborn.

His slight jag of venting did seem to calm him and we went on about our night undisturbed. I lay there awhile watching him sleep, still thinking about Nia. I have not seen, nor spoken with her since she left. She has no reason to wish me any ill-will and her words to Belinor lead me to believe that she still does not hold any. I know her though and she has quite the temper, as does my beloved Belinor. The two of them mixing would prove to be almost catastrophic assuredly.

I did not speak of this to him, but the thought did cross my mind to write to her and perhaps meet. I know however that would probably not help matters and I am sure Belinor would prefer me to not get involved. I suppose I shall just wait it out and hope their paths do not cross again. It is really out of my hands. I never did learn why he spoke to Sylvannas on the matter, but I wonder still what her thoughts were. I do not intend to bring the subject up with him again, so I probably never will know. Its for the better anyway I’m sure.

Well friend, I must run along now and conduct business as usual so that I may meet with Belinor in a more timely fashion this eve. Perhaps it will leave me with more to tell you of tomorrow.

Until then.


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