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TMA’s Friday Five

December 27, 2008

My Husband is always telling me about Too Many Anna’s Friday Five, 5 questions for you to fill out about your character. I figured I’d give it a go since I’m just now figuring Lae out.

  1. What’s one thing your character did this year that surprised you?: Hmmmm. I suppose its how close she keeps getting to all these Death Knights! OOC I have been pretty irritated with Death Knights and I really thought Lae would have a hatred for them. But then a very close guild mate of mine wanted to be Lae’s sister IC and they play a DK… and then I met Belinor who is a DK. So I guess thats what surprised me most.
  2. What’s one thing you know about them now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the year?: Everthing! haha If you would have asked me at the beginning of the year what I would be doing at then end of it, I probably would have said raiding as a mage or something like that. I never thought I would have changed servers, factions or classes, much less spend most of my time Rping.
  3. What are your RP goals for the next year?  If you’re not a roleplayer, what are your gaming goals?: RP Goals: Hmm. I think I’d like to have an even more indepth storyline than I do now, perhaps more to tell about Abigore (If he would RP more!). The lovey-dovey stuff for me is really just filler, I like the tragedy and drama that you can put your character through more. I would also like to possibly get more into the RP community on my server, whats left of it anyway. Game Goals: Of course I hope raiding takes off and goes well and that I get more comfortable in my plate healing boots. >.>
  4. What did your character get from Greatfather Winter?  Was it what they wanted?: Lae received a cooking recipe that she didn’t have before, which is always good. Other than that I have yet to actually get my gifts from under the great tree, but seeing as how Lae isn’t very materialistic, I’m sure she won’t really care either way.
  5. What is your character’s New Year’s resolution for 2009?: To avenge her sister’s death, the crimes committed against her people and also the Forsaken!

Oh Noes!: OOC Rant Time

December 27, 2008

I had a nice two day break from WoW over Xmas, staying at my parent’s house. My mother bought me the first two Twilight books. I read the first 6 chapters or so in one sitting. So far I like it. The story actually reminds me of the type of RP I wanted to do with my mage, just minus all the Vampire stuff. Bratty girl meets irresistable and powerful male, with him eventually breaking through her tough exterior.


I woke up this morning to the sounds of my husband running… something. He told me he had just finished a heroic with one of the members to a guild we’re wanting to co-op with for Naxx etc after the new year. For some reason this put me in a really shitty mood.

I want to run tons of heroics, but as a pally healer I often find that there are really only a few heroics I don’t mind doing, Violet Hold and Utgaurde Keep. I used to not mind doing Gundrak so much, but the last time I ran it, it went incredibly bad. That might have been due to the tank, but no matter how hard I try, every wipe that my group suffers (unless I know who or what to pinpoint the wipe on) chisels away at my confindence in Paladin Healing.

There are actually 2 heroics in the game right now that have been deemed impossible for a Paladin to heal, Azjol-Nerub and Ahnkahet. I understand that those are also the 2 most difficult heroics in the game as well, and so any healer would have a rough time in there, but impossible for a Paladin to heal? Wtf Blizz.

Its very frustrating to me because in the past I have always been very good at my classes. When I was a mage and raiding t5/t6 content, I was the mage class leader in my guild. When I was healing as a priest and working on ZA, I was the main healer. Its not to say that I don’t know anything about Paladin Healing, because I have given advice to the new Pally Healer that joined our guild, but I constantly feel like a failure at it. Knowing how to do it is one thing, but executing what you know is another.

The only time I felt like a winner as a Paladin Healer was in Obsidium (or is it Obsidiun? I can’t remember >.<) Sanctum, on the 3 mini-drakes. When the rest of the raid team goes into the portal, and one tank and healer stays out. I must admit I felt good then. I kept my tank up with no trouble at all, never having mana issues, easily running out of the ground aoe. Of course this is mainly due to the whole point that in an expansion full of massive AOE-damage, Paladins excel at Single Target Healing.

Beacon of Light is a life saver for the most part, but at times, even with BoL up, the Aoe Damage to the entire heroic party is just too much. You can switch it around of course, and make the best out of it, but 1) BoL is extremely mana-costly and 2) Works with a Global Cooldown. In the second or whatever I’m waiting on that Global Cooldown I can easily lose a party member. In most heroics I’m on the edge of my seat as it is lol.

Blizz gave us the Holy Light glyph… but Holy Light is a LONG cast the first time you cast it. Even with JotP the first time you cast it is something like 2 seconds. After you cast it and get the Light’s Grace debuff it drops to just under 2 seconds I think, and isn’t so bad, but again the mana-cost is an issue. Not to mention the glyph only gives party memebers withing FIVE YARDS (Basically up the tanks ass) 10% of the heal. The glyph is crap imo and while I’m at it, so is the Flash of Light Glyph.

Flash of Light, every holy pally’s bff, is the main heal that I use, and from I gather that most Holy Pallies use. The one thing Paladin’s lack from all the other healers, is a HoT spell. So what did Blizz do? Grant us this PoS glyph that takes 50% of what your FoL would heal for, and turn it into a HoT. Sounds good in theory, except its not just the first time to cast FoL on a target (Which I think is a better option) but every time you use it and I’m pretty sure those HoT’s don’t stack.

100% Lamesauce.

Not to mention that you can’t even get a FoL Libram unless you do arena. The new Libram for Holy Pallies is a Holy Light one. Its almost as if they are trying to turn Holy Pallies upside down, having the main heal they use be Holy Light and just using Flash like a Priest would use renew… or better yet, how a druid would use Regrowth.. except it has a second and a half (a little less with JotP of course) cast time. Which sounds like it wouldn’t be so bad in theory except as I mentioned above, EVERYONE is taking so much damage, time is so valuable, it just doesn’t work out.


A friend of mine who I’ve been playing with a long while, now an incredible hunter, used to be a Paladin when we were on the alliance side. He has said that they should switch the glyphs affects, making the Holy Light Glyph do 50% as a HoT and the Flash Glyph work as a group heal. I almost agree with this, except that Holy Light is still such a long cast and I don’t think I would use it any more than I do now.

So yes, I woke up this morning very bitter. I miss being a DPS class, being able to pug any heroic you wanted to and not be stressed to the limit if your group fails. I should have leveled my mage instead. I do have a mage that is in Outlands, but I honestly have no desire to level any other toons. I really can’t leave my guild without a healer either. Plus I have this blog now! And a pretty decent storyline based aroung my paladin.

So it seems as though I’m stuck for now. While guildies get to run Heroics and farm badges, I’ll just RP, constantly hoping that Blizz gets their heads out of their asses worrying about god damn Ret Paladins and focuses more on how to make Holy Paladins a little less cumbersome.


IC Journal Entry: Beauty in Darkness, Like the God of Love

December 24, 2008

So we meet again friend!

I thought it unkind and impolite to leave you as I did last night. Not much has occured so I thought it best to get you up to speed as it were.

I met with Lyceros this eve. He seems to have calmed himself since he met with Belinor and I the night before. How terrible it must have been for him to see us there, hands locked in unison. I do deserve for him to be angry with me, though it was not my intention for him to discover my love for Belinor in that way. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. First let me tell you of Lyceros…

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IC Journal Entry: Failure

December 24, 2008

Failure: Quite and optimistic start for a place to collect my thoughts hmm?

It is of no matter.

My life has become quite hectic and whilst walking the streets of Dalaran aimlessly, I came across a book vendor. I saw this journal and decided I must purchase it immediately. Strange for such a vendor to carry blank books, yes? Perhaps it was meant to be then.

Meant to be, Fate: What an interesting philosophy, shared by many people I come in contact with. I remember the night I met with Lyceros at the pond. He pressed for a definition to my company. I said those words to him then. “If fate wishes it for us, then they will make it be.” Then again on the night I came across Belinor, standing idly at the lamp-post. Such a connection we had. When he pressed for me to stow away with him in the woods of Eversong he then said those words to me. “I do not believe in random-meetings, I believe that fate has brought us together.”

Lyceros. He surely hates me now. I must write to him in the morning, make things right. My head aches even thinking on how I will put what my heart feels to paper. And what does my heart feel?

Belinor. No, my heart does not just feel Belinor. My heart sings the sweet whisper of his name, praises for the relief he surely brings to me.

How strange for my head to ache yet my heart to sing at the same time. You might now understand why I was so inclined to make my purchase then. Ha!

I have not much time to write, for the dawn breaks the horizon and I am feeling quite tired. So I suppose I will come back to the mess that I have created with Lyceros and the wonderment of a Death Knight (yes dear friend – I can call you that now, seeing as how it is you whom I will confide in most, but as I was saying- yes dear friend, a Death Knight) named Belinor. For now I will give you information on myself.

My name is Laeyla Sunspark, a Blood Knight for the city of Silvermoon. At least that is what people see as I walk the streets of that same city. I am in fact named Laeyla Sunspark and indeed I am a Blood Knight, but what people would not guess is that while I do travel the pavement of their fine, fine city, I really long to be in another place. A place of darkness, deep under the ground, The Undercity.

Yes The Undercity. Filled with the calls of Gutterspeak and wandering Forsaken. That is where I spend my free-time. Busily working at the Lexicon, meeting with Faranell in the Apothecarium, talking quietly with the Sin’dorei Ambassador in the Royal Quarter. The Undercity is a place of second nature for me, I find a calm in the darkness there. It is also where I met with my longtime traveling partner, a dark priest by the name of Abigore.

Ah yes Abigore. I laugh again. Quite the crotchety old-coot! An eccentric  fellow through and through. Though I do believe he means well. I hold him dear to my heart despite his peculiar ways. I fight tirelessly to protect him.

So why would a Blood Knight spend all of her days in the dark, dampness of the Undercity and work so hard to protect an old and seemingly insane dark priest? That answer is simple.

My name, dear friend, is Laeyla Sunspark, and I work for the Royal Apothecary Society.


Introduction: An OOC Look at BoL

December 24, 2008

Well here I  am, 4am, making my first post on Word Press and thus launching Blog of Light. I have had many other blogs, and almost even one on word press, but I hope to keep up with this one a bit more.

What is Blog of Light? Well personally its an outlet for my RP shenanigans that will hopefully be enjoyed by people. Its also a place for me to talk about other things going on with me in the World Of Warcraft, which I have been playing for coming up on 3 years. (More of which can be read soon on my IC/OOC pages)

To those who read this I guess I’m not sure what it will be. I hope that it will be interesting, obviously, but I also hope that what I write rings true for other people, making both parties feel less newbish/sappy/disappointed/insane.

In closing I would like to thank anyone who spends an ounce of time to read what I write here and I welcome any feedback you may have.

So, here’s to Blog of Light, a good way for me to waste some of my own time, as well as yours!