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Patch 3.1: Gear

February 28, 2009

Alright, Alright, Alright already! I have read SO many, gripes and hurrahs about the mass amount of information spewing out on a daily basis about the huge content patch coming out. I suppose now its my turn to comment on the woes and cheers that is the first major content patch of Wrath.

I’m not going to go over a lot of it because there is A LOT of information to take in. If you haven’t heard about a lot of it (FOR SHAME!) I suggest you frolic over to MMO Champion and get yourself informed. Check it everyday though cuz the information is constantly changing and updating.

I’ll be updating on a little bit every few days or so to keep from making one HUGE post and also to give me something to write about! This is also because I’d like to cover things that I haven’t read about in a million different places.

First I want to talk about Gear, because honestly who doesn’t love to talk about Gear?! I know I do!

Lets start with this debacle…

CAUTION: Keep All Flammable Items Away From Small Children

CAUTION: Keep All Flammable Items Away From Small Children

You can see the larger version of the female set here and the male version here, but this gives you an idea of what we’re gonna be walking around like.

I read over on Blessing of Kings that this set started out much different. The original concept artwork showed the set completely enclosed, like something he refers to as a “Vorlon Encounter Suit“. The headpiece serves as the final seal, coming down and locking in place, completely encasing the paladin in the armor. Think Samus from Metroid. As you can see from the pictures, this concept didn’t transfer that well to the finished armor. He goes on to say that its because the shoulders aren’t big enough, so the headpiece loses its meaning, and now just looks like a “weird affection”.

Uh yeah. And thats a nice way of putting it. It looks RIDICULOUS. I’ve heard everything from “Bic Lighter” to “Megaman”. A good friend of mine even pointed out to me that there is a penis on the male version >.>

As if the Kirin Tor Tabard isn't Blatant Enough...

As if the Kirin Tor Tabard isn't Blatant Enough...

Phallic imagery aside, there is still hope for out Tier 8. Suicidal Zebra made a post saying that there maybe be a kilt for this set instead of pants. I truly hope so!

But if not, in my opinion it really depends on what color scheme they go with, though I’m not really sure which color I prefer. I’ll be keeping my helm hidden (not that I’ve showed one since Wrath on my paladin) and hoping I don’t stumble near any goblin fueling stations.

Curse of Horrible Paladin Tier Sets aside, they are gracing us with a shiny, shiny Legendary Weapon, Val’anyr, Gavel of Ancient Kings. Restricted to only Paladins, Priests, Shaman, and Druids it is likely to be a healing weapon, though I have yet to see any stats posted. It looks pretty Legendary, though I fear it will scale down much smaller on my paladin.

Valanyr, Gavel of Ancient Kings... or Queens

Valanyr, Gavel of Ancient Kings... or Queens

So how do you get this highly sought after piece of pixel heaven? Well no one is really sure as of yet. The item has already gotten its own fan-based Website which tells us a little information. So far this is what I’ve gathered:

  1. Obtain Fragment of Val’anyr x40 (or is it 30? hmmm!) which will most likely drop from hard mode raid bosses.
  2. Assemble Val by defeating Yogg-Saron
  3. Throw the Shattered Pieces of Val’anyr inside Yogg-Saron’s exposed brain and defeat Yogg-Saron to recover the Reforged Hammer of Ancient Kings.

You also get 42g for completing the quest chain. Woot!

I haven’t read about how you start the quest or a confirmation of where the Fragments drop, but I plan to keep checking the fan site which will be updated soon.

I’ve never had a class who could actually use a legendary weapon, so this is very, very cool to me. I can only hope that I’m chosen in the raid team to get it. Cross your fingers for me!

So you’re gonna look like a Yanke Candle Store, but you get a Legendary Mace to parade around with. Not a bad trade off right? Well with that Mace you’re gonna need a shield.

I’ve seen 4 different models for shields, 2 of which look like faces. There is also one that looks sort of like a … flower? I dunno what to call it and then there is one that looks like a hoverdisc of sorts. I like the last one the best actually, it just gives me a badass pally feel. However, according to what I’ve seen, we will be walking around with one of the “face” models.

Whatchoo looking at?

Whatchoo looking at?

Check out the sweet handlebar mustache on that guy! He looks a bit sad though. His class must have been nerfed =(

As I mentioned, I prefer the other model, but facial hair and QQ tears aside, its not too terrible. I’ll be sad to give up my Naked Lady Shield though.

So there you have it! To see all of the new Gear models be sure to check out the post about it over at MMO Champion and keep an eye out for more posts from me about the upcoming 3.1 Patch.

Can’t wait? Need more eye candy? You can always watch the Official Ulduar Preview Video over at Blizzard’s Official Site. Thats what I’m going to go do right now!


Tagged: Rollin’ Sixes

February 28, 2009

There was a screenshot “meme” going around last week and I was tagged by Abi @ Fear.Win. However with the leveling of alts, professions and other such craziness about, I’m just now getting around to it =X

The rules are to select your sixth screenshot from your sixth subfolder, post it up, write something about it, and then tag six more bloggers. However I only use one screenshot folder and don’t know any other bloggers to tag that Abi didn’t already steal =/

So I’ll just play along and at least post my Sixth screencap which is…

*is a drumroll here*

Hey... we read!

Hey... we read!

This is Laeyla and her IC sister Catalysta reading the monument in front of King Terenas’ tomb.

Catalysta is also our raid teams Main Tank and a long time friend of mine in-game who I’ve played with for about 3 years now.

We were bored one day running around UC looking at all the spots outside of the entrance to the city where little tidbits are hiding.

In the throne room, if you turn your Ambiance all the way up and your sounds/music down, you can hear Arthas and Terenas arguing. Also in that room there is a permanent blood stain on the pavement. I think in the room where the Bell has fallen you can hear the crowds cheering upon Arthas’ return.

Its a very eerie place, Undercity. It holds many echoes from the past. I wish more people RP’d there instead of Silvermoon City or Thunder Bluff.


Marghe!: Thats Mage, but irritated

February 27, 2009

As I have stated countless times in countless places on this Blog, I played a mage for almost 2 years and knew just about all there was to know in TBC about that class. Specs, Stats, Gear, Macros – You needed to know it? I could tell you.

With that being said, I leveled from 1-70 as Fire before switching to Arcane for raiding. I never played as Frost. I was leveling with a Destro-Lock (Abi) and the boost we gave each other made it a no brainer to level as fire. You definitely can’t raid as Frost (alright you can, but its not as good as the other two trees). To me, Frost was for PvP and leveling. I was already 70 and I have never been a fan of PvP so I never really did my research on the tree.

However, when I re-rolled again as Horde and made a little Mage alt, I wouldn’t have a fire lock with me and would probably be doing a good portion of leveling solo. Therefore making the decision to level as frost.

I looked the tree over and just kinda put my points in a bit blindly. Just because I’d never played the class doesnt make me clueless on being a caster. That worked pretty well until I had worked my way down most of the tree. What do I do with all these extra points?!

I turned to fellow bloggers and other places on the net. Critical QQ’s Build was pretty much what I have so far minus the Arcane talents. I took a gander over at the WoW forums and found what I assume to be the Frost Raiding Build… not really what I’m looking for as I plan to raid as FrostFire unless the rumors of an Arcane Missile build coming back are true (pewpewpew my most favorite mage spec!).  With a little further checking I came across what was stickied there as the Frost Leveling Spec, but I’ll admit I found it to be really, really odd. I went to Elitist Jerks and while I love their Paladin section I found the Mage section to be kinda messy in my opinion. =X

So screw it! I decided to work out my own leveling build. I’ll admit I don’t know it all, but I know what my own personal preferences are. This is basically for single target combat and not AOE grinding. I’m not really sure where to throw that last point honestly. I don’t think I would ever use Deep Freeze and Abi has told me over and over that Brain Freeze isn’t worth it. I wanted Imp Blizzard because I use Blizzard a ton when my Water Elemental is out (or you know, when there is more than one mob hanging around) I saw a lot of builds that didn’t take Frostbite and aside from the raiding build I have no idea why. Same for Winter’s Chill. I found that missing from a lot of the specs and I didn’t understand that either. Free Crit just for casting Frostbolt? Yes please.

Feel free to look it over and tell me what a horrible Frostie I am >.< or what your own personal preferences are. Aside from SpicyTuna and CriticalQQ, where do you go for all your up to the minute Mage info?


Adventures in Questing: My Race to Ambassador

February 27, 2009

Before I began working on leveling my Mage (Ding 67 btw), I went on a ridiculous Achievement Binge on my Paladin. While it started with Love is in the Air, it carried over into that weekend’s Naxx where we acquired a handful of Achievements as well.

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

After Naxx I spent the rest of my downtime during the weekend in BGs, strictly to get some Achievements in there as well. I am not a fan of PvP at all, so the fact that I did this shows how hell-bent I seemed to be. I also took Abi’s Dr00d though Seth Halls and soloed a bit of Labs to get the rest of my Lower City Rep to get honored status and get the Auchenei Key, my last key needed for the Keymaster Achievement. I was a mad woman, by the end of the weekend I had gotten about 150 Achievement points.

So what to do with myself during the week? It started off harmlessly, buying a few pets from both the Horde and Neutral AH to get the next rank of the vanity pet Achievement. However, that took very little time and with wanting to leave my BIS 10man Gear List up for awhile on my blog, I was quite bored.

Awhile back (before I got really heavy into the Achievement Grind) I had always wanted to get the Ambassador Title for my Paladin. This was mainly due to RP reasons because she worked very closely to the Apothecary and the Forsaken as a whole. I thought it would be fitting for her. The only problem with that is the fact that I had just rolled my pretty-pally in October with the Triple Experience boost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we re-rolled as a group and almost exclusively did Instances to level instead of questing. This left me with very little rep with all factions.

A month or so ago I hooked up with fellow Achievement-Whore Hid and helped him to work on his Loremaster title. This at least got me to Revered with all the Horde Factions and with a little extra work I was able to hit Exalted with both Eastern Kingdoms factions, Undercity and Silvermoon City. We were supposed to start Kalimdor next but that never really happened. I figured I had nothing better to do (and man did I have a lot of Runecloth in my mailboxes) now is as better time as any I suppose!

I started on Tuesday. Way back when the achievements first came out I went to the Orc/Troll starting zone and knocked those out, so my first goal was to do Senjin Village and then Razor Hill. Not a problem, easily done in the span of maybe an hour or so. After that I hiked over to Mulgore to do the Cow Tauren starter zone and work my way out to the Barrens from there. This is where I started to get annoyed.

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Oh Alts, How I loathe thee

February 24, 2009

I have realized that with Ulduar not being released for over a month, no more Holidays for even longer and nothing else to look forward to besides rep grinds and other tedious achievements, the time has come for my first Alt of the Expansion.

Meet Classaria

Meet Classaria

Enter Classaria (or just Saria) my little frost mage fledgling. As some of you may have read on my lengthy Info page, I played a Mage as my main for about 2 years. Those 2 years is when I encountered most of my Raiding Experience and was also Mage Class Leader. So much has changed with the class since last I’ve played and I really wanted to see what I’ve been missing out on. In addition to that I had never played as Frost either so I figured it would be a new experience for me.

I had leveled her pretty much to 60 with a mix of the Refer a Friend promotion and after that expired with some good ol’ fashion grinding of my own, however I soon let her sit around and gather dust. She was pretty much my DE bitch and that was all. After giving her a Character Recustomization (for a new face) and about 10-15 different hair cut and color combinations (which I still can’t really settle on >.<) I’ve finally started working on her again, dinging 65 before I was cut-off by server maintenance.

Frost was interesting to start out but I’m slowly and surely getting bored with it.  I plan on sticking it through for the next 10 levels until I get Frostfire Bolt and then going with a spec like that to hopefully take her through some pug raids and possibly an alt run that Vae Victus is thinking about starting up when we get enough people with alts to 80.

For now though, look for more mage informative posts in addition to my Holy Pally posts and feel free to reccomend any blogs you know of full of magey goodness!


Talk with your Hips

February 19, 2009

I have a post incoming about my journey this week to get my Ambassador title, but WordPress is acting funny and not letting me post it.

I did however want to post about how awesome Rudilyn/Ayrel is, because he surprised me yesterday with the marvelous Orb of Deception, which is a trinket that I have wanted for a very long time.

He has had one for awhile and after he gave me mine we had a little dance party in Orgrimmar to celebrate our Space Goat Glory.

Shake It!

Shake It!

I love how it turns me into a Clothadin and makes him look like a lvl 40.


Holy Paladin BIS Gear List: 10man

February 15, 2009

If your guild is like mine then your primary focus is on 10man raiding. I believe there are a lot of guilds out there that are like this. A few weeks back I was trying to locate a Best in Slot gear list targeted for those of us who only do 10mans but I was unable to find anything. So I figured that I would try to compile my own list.

Looking for a Holy Paladin BIS Gear List for 25mans? Siha over at BananaShoulders has a phenomenal list that coincides greatly with my own gearing choices.

First I want to mention that this list is based on what my own preferred methods of gearing and gemming are. After looking at some of this gear I’ve discovered that some of the Emblem of Heroism Rewards are better and that some of the Reputation and Heroic Dungeon Rewards are comparable and will include those in this list as well. I have not included any other armor classes other than plate either, mainly to cut down on what I would have to filter through.

A note on Tier 7 Pieces:

A lot of the pieces are in fact better than T7 when comparing them separately. I will offer comparisons in the notes for each item. Personally, when dealing with Tier upgrades, I tend to look at set bonuses. If I won’t gain a set bonus and the Tier piece is not an upgrade, I probably won’t wear it. However if the Tier piece is a downgrade, but I’ll pick up a set bonus, that changes how I look at the item in question.

I hope this list proves useful to my fellow 10man Healadins! On to the shinies!

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