New Banner, New Gear, and other Upgrades

February 14, 2009

Its been awhile since I’ve posted with what upgrades I’ve gotten. I have been a little occupied raiding 25mans with Ayrel and his Glorified Pug, not to mention the hustle and bustle of Love is in the Air. Comcast finally seemed to get whatever their problem was under control and my internet has been doing well.

However now that all that is taken care of, I’ve made my post on Best in Slot 10man gear and gave my blog a makeover, I can post about whats been new with my gear.

Sometime after getting my Elder title I also finished up my Argent Dawn rep and snagged the Argent Champion title. I also finally got my Chef title! Which I will probably start wearing again when I see too many people with the Love Fool title. Last Week I also got a handful of upgrades in both 10 and 25man Naxx.

I’m not sure why I put 2 16 intellect gems in there, I think because I had lost a bit of Crit from changing out of my Chestplate of the Great Aspects. The amount of stats I lost were minimal and I was able to pick up my 2 set bonus again.

These were a pretty big upgrade from the PvP Pants I had picked up from a random 25man VoA run.

This Belt I really don’t like. It drops my mana to under 21k but I got a few more Spell Power. The weekend before I had also picked up the Tainted Girdle of Mending in Naxx10 but after putting a belt buckle in it and looking again I realized what I had was better. It was the same with this belt but since it came from 25man instead of 10man I decided to keep it on. I was wearing the Emblem Belt and I’m hanging on to it in case I get some more upgrades. I lost intellect and crit but picked up Spell Power and Haste. As  I mentioned earlier I have a hard time with side grading my gear. I have been looking at the Girdle of Unity and I almost think that one is better. I hate saying that because it has mp5 over haste, but strictly looking at Crit I think that would take me back to where my crit was before switching.

I tend to look at things a bit too… absolutely. I try to look at things as a whole but I think I can get a bit tunnel-visioned when upgrading my gear. I have noticed that 25man drops are a bit more side-grades or very minute upgrades to the 10man gear. I wish they were a bit more clear. This is also in part to the way Blizzard itemizes things. No Spell Power Plate should have mp5 on it imo, pallies are the only ones who use Spell Power Plate and mp5 is useless to us… so why is it there?

Anyway, in my guilds 10man Naxx run I picked up:

I would have rather gotten the Forethought Talisman from 25man Naxx but the other Pally had a blue trinket and therefore needed it more than me. Next time it drops though! *crosses fingers* My trinkets aren’t bad at all though so I’m happy with what I have. I was the 3rd person to get Embrace of the Spider!

  • Helm of the Corrupted Mind from Loatheb
  • 30 spell power and 20 critical strike rating
  • 21 intellect and chance on spell cast to restore mana
  • 16 intellect

This was a big upgrade. I picked up a lot of extra spell power on this as well as intellect I believe. Its been awhile since I got this so I can’t remember exactly =X

This was a good upgrade as well. I picked up some much needed crit rating. It had dropped the week before but our mage was wearing the same cape as I was (go go mage mp5) so she needed it more. I was glad to snag it this time though.

So lets take a look at where my stats are at now as compared to the last time I posted.

Haha, originally when I took this screencap something was incredibly wrong. I was missing around 30 Spell Power, 3% Crit and 120 Intellect. I was freaking out for a minute comparing the two screencaps. Finally I logged in to see what was going on, my stats were fine… so what was wrong with that screencap?



Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat < Helm of the Corrupted Mind


Anyway, now that I can breathe again and saved myself a heart attack, lets look at my stats with the correct gear on.

Pre-Naxx 02.14.09

Pre-Naxx 02.14.09

I’ve picked up over 100 spell power at the cost of about 0.70% crit and 5 Intellect. Not a bad trade off at all. I also gained about 120 Haste Rating as well.

This is about what I expected going into 25man gear, more spell power and my intellect balancing out a little.

Hopefully this weekend in Naxx I get some more t7 pieces and can possible go back to my Chestplate of the Great Aspects. Everyone send me good JuJu for the Shoulders, which are fantastic and would be a huge upgrade!



  1. *looks at his healer shoulders and helm*

    THE T7 IS MIEN!!1one!

  2. …wait. For that to actually happen we’ll have to get a token to drop first.

    (we haven’t seen a single priest/pally/warlock token yet.)

  3. You gave my Hammer away to Kwata last week… you owe me the shoulders at least. You can have the helm, but I want the shoulders.

    AND I gave you the Embrace of the Spider first too!

    Those shoulders are mine!

  4. Lol, I won’t gear a dps over a healer anyway. I shaft the DPS! Muahah.. er.. I am the DPS. Boo.

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