Holy Paladin BIS Gear List: 10man

February 15, 2009

If your guild is like mine then your primary focus is on 10man raiding. I believe there are a lot of guilds out there that are like this. A few weeks back I was trying to locate a Best in Slot gear list targeted for those of us who only do 10mans but I was unable to find anything. So I figured that I would try to compile my own list.

Looking for a Holy Paladin BIS Gear List for 25mans? Siha over at BananaShoulders has a phenomenal list that coincides greatly with my own gearing choices.

First I want to mention that this list is based on what my own preferred methods of gearing and gemming are. After looking at some of this gear I’ve discovered that some of the Emblem of Heroism Rewards are better and that some of the Reputation and Heroic Dungeon Rewards are comparable and will include those in this list as well. I have not included any other armor classes other than plate either, mainly to cut down on what I would have to filter through.

A note on Tier 7 Pieces:

A lot of the pieces are in fact better than T7 when comparing them separately. I will offer comparisons in the notes for each item. Personally, when dealing with Tier upgrades, I tend to look at set bonuses. If I won’t gain a set bonus and the Tier piece is not an upgrade, I probably won’t wear it. However if the Tier piece is a downgrade, but I’ll pick up a set bonus, that changes how I look at the item in question.

I hope this list proves useful to my fellow 10man Healadins! On to the shinies!

Helm: Helm of the Corrupted Mind

When comparing the Helm of the Corrupted Mind to our Tier 7 Helm, I mainly chose this as being the better helm because it has more Crit Rating. The only thing our Tier 7 helm offers is a single point of Spell Power and at the sacrifice of Haste and about 5 Crit Rating. If I needed to get a set bonus I would indeed wear the Tier 7 Helm, but if not I would pass it up to someone else who might need it more. If you can’t get either of those to drop then I highly suggest the Helm of Purified Thoughts. I wore this helm until I got the Corrupted Mind Helm.

Neck: Titanium Spellshock Necklace

  • Crafted by Jewelcrafters
  • Aren’t a JC or can’t afford one? Voilatant Amulet from Sartharion is a close tie to this.
  • If you cant’t get the Voilatant to drop I would suggest using Lattice Choker of Light – Purchasable for only 25 Emblems of Heroism.

It took me awhile to decide on which neck was the best. It was very close between the Titanium Spellshock Necklace and the Voilatant Amulet. Honestly I’m still really not sure which I would go for. If gemmed properly the Amulet will give a nice boost to your Intellect, although the Spellshock Neck has a lot of Crit Rating and more Spell Power. They’re both excellent items nonetheless.

Shoulders: Heroes’ Redemption Spaulders

To me, our Tier 7 shoulders are pretty much phenomenal. I wish they had a better socket bonus, but they have all the important stats for our class (and no mp5!) The Focusing Energy Epaulets are pretty good as well, offering more Spell Power but less Intellect and Critical which is what won me over with the Tier 7. Aside from those are the Frostblight Pauldrons. These are pretty lack-luster, although I am wearing them currently and they will tide you over until you can get a better pair.

Cloak: Shroud of the Citadel

  • Drops from Sapphiron
  • Guild not quite there? Drape of Surgery from Patchwerk should hold you over.

The Shroud isnt a huge upgrade over the Drape. They’re actually almost identical except for one stat. However the Crit on the Shroud instead of the Mp5 on the Drape makes this a no-brainer. The Drape will still make due until you get to Sapphiron.

Chest: Chivalric Chestgaurd

Again, this is another situation like with the helms. The two chests are identical aside from the Chivalric Chestgaurd having crit instead of Mp5. It also has a better socket bonus and a touch more haste as well. The Tier 7 chest is more easily attainable though and not at all a bad piece. However when you have enough Tier 7 pieces to get set bonuses and are able to start switching them out, this would be one to look at switching.

Bracers: Bone-Framed Bracers

  • Drop from Noth
  • Bind on Equip as well, if you can’t get them to drop.

Am I missing something or are these the only epic plate bracers for us out there? I went through the loot lists for all 3 Raid Dungeons and saw no other bracers. I was lucky and got mine to drop from Noth, but as I mentioned these are BOE and I see them on the AH often.

Gloves: Heroes’ Redemption Gloves

  • Drop from Sartharian, Vault of Archavon or Purchasable for 60 Emblems of Heroism.
  • Comparable to Plated Gloves of Relief from Razuvious

Our Tier 7 Gloves are so easily attainable their really is no reason to not have these. The heavy amount of crit on these is what makes them an upgrade to the Plated Gloves of Relief, which if gemmed to get the socket bonus will have a touch more intellect and spell power. However, much like the issue with chestpieces, the T7 is much easier to obtain than the other.

Waist: Magroth’s Meditative Cincture

  • 40 Emblems of Heroism

This belt is really fantastic actually and its due mostly in part to the Yellow Socket and Socket Bonus. I have actually gotten the Waistgaurd of Divine Grace from 25man Naxx and its really not better than the Emblem Belt because it lacks that socket. If you’re saving up Emblems for other items however, there is also the Tainted Girdle of Mending from Patchwerk. This is very close to the Emblem belt and if it had a socket it would be better, but alas it doesnt. Still not a bad belt if your tight on badges.

Legs: Heroes’ Redemption Greaves

Hurray for another good T7 piece. Again what makes this such a good piece is the absense of Mp5 and the presence of Crit. 2 Sockets are also very nice. Both of these factors are what make them far superior to the Blackened Legplates of Feugan which drop from the same boss. However the Leggings of Protective Auras have 2 sockets as well, which is what makes them 2nd best, at least in my opinion.

Boots: Poignant Sabatons

The Poignant Sabatons are very nice and I might have to go check and see how much they are as I am currently wearing the Sabatons of Deathlike Gloom. They are both decent options: The Sabatons of Deathlike Gloom have more crit rating, but the Poignant Sabatons have a socket, more intellect (even more with the socket bonus) and more spell power. I also think that when socketed correctly you could get close to the same amount of crit on the Sabatons of Deathlike Gloom or at least close to that.

Weapon: Hammer of the Astral Plane

There really is no comparison here. The Hammer is hands down the best for 10man raiders. The Spellblade isnt bad at all and its currently what I wear, but I am hoping to get my hands on the hammer very soon.

Shield: Aegis of Damnation

This shield is fantastic and I love it. Its better than the Protective Barricade of the Light all around, but if you can’t get it to drop then the Emblem shield isn’t so bad. I have seen the Sheild of Assimilation drop from Naxx 25 and I have to say I passed on it to keep this shield as it only gave me a few points of Spell Power and Intellect and I would have lost almost .75% crit. Get this shield!

Trinkets: The Egg of Mortal Essence and Embrace of the Spider

  • The Egg is Purchasable for 40 Emblems of Heroism
  • Embrace of the Spider drops from Maexxna

I will be the first to admit that I’m slightly lost on trinkets. It seems like there aren’t very many to choose from and therefore I went with these. I don’t know a lot of Holy Pallies who are doing strictly 10mans so I haven’t really looked anyone up. I do know that these are the only two trinkets available to us just from Emblems and Raiding 10s. As far as other options go I have heard good things about the Darkmoon Card: Greatness, but aside from the load of passive intellect you get, I don’t really see how the proc would be all that in combat. To me this would be more for a Priest or Druid, and for Spirit not Intellect. There is also Je’Tze’s Bell, which is a very rare drop from Elite mobs (the mobs in Naxx having a 0.1% chance). However with mp5 being pretty bland for us, I’m not sure how good this trinket really is, if it were to even drop that is.

Rings: There are a few choices here so I’ll just list the ones I’ve seen and go over their comparisons.

The Titanium Spellshock Ring has some nice stats though the lack of Intellect kinda makes me sour on it. I have read that the Signet of Hopeful Light is another best choice, but I have to say that the lack of crit makes me think its a little less than the best. I think the Ring of the Fated is really nice, as it has all 3 useful stats though I find the spell power to be a bit low. The Band of Neglected Pleas is nice as well, I wear it currently. I only wish it had haste instead of Mp5. Pulling up the end would be the Circle of Life, although it has a good amount of spell power it has low intellect and no crit.

To me all of the rings above are simply ok. None of them really stand out above the others, where one lacks another one shines and etc. Going by my own personal preferences I would probably wear the Band of Neglected Pleas and the Ring of the Fated.

And Lastly of Course…

Libram: Libram of Renewal

  • 15 Emblems of Heroism
  • There are no other Librams that drop in 10mans or heroics. Its cheap, its easy, just get it.
  • If you’re a Holy Paladin in a raid and you’re not using this (and you don’t have Libram of Tolerance), you’re wrong. End of Story.


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  4. Thank you for this! Every pally site I look up has 25-person gear and I was sulking that the people who run mainly 10s get ignored all the time.

  5. Thats actually the entire reason I sat down and worked on this list. I wanted to figure out for myself what the best gear would be for me out of 10s and I couldnt find a list anywhere. I’m glad it helped you out!

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