Adventures in Questing: My Race to Ambassador

February 27, 2009

Before I began working on leveling my Mage (Ding 67 btw), I went on a ridiculous Achievement Binge on my Paladin. While it started with Love is in the Air, it carried over into that weekend’s Naxx where we acquired a handful of Achievements as well.

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

After Naxx I spent the rest of my downtime during the weekend in BGs, strictly to get some Achievements in there as well. I am not a fan of PvP at all, so the fact that I did this shows how hell-bent I seemed to be. I also took Abi’s Dr00d though Seth Halls and soloed a bit of Labs to get the rest of my Lower City Rep to get honored status and get the Auchenei Key, my last key needed for the Keymaster Achievement. I was a mad woman, by the end of the weekend I had gotten about 150 Achievement points.

So what to do with myself during the week? It started off harmlessly, buying a few pets from both the Horde and Neutral AH to get the next rank of the vanity pet Achievement. However, that took very little time and with wanting to leave my BIS 10man Gear List up for awhile on my blog, I was quite bored.

Awhile back (before I got really heavy into the Achievement Grind) I had always wanted to get the Ambassador Title for my Paladin. This was mainly due to RP reasons because she worked very closely to the Apothecary and the Forsaken as a whole. I thought it would be fitting for her. The only problem with that is the fact that I had just rolled my pretty-pally in October with the Triple Experience boost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we re-rolled as a group and almost exclusively did Instances to level instead of questing. This left me with very little rep with all factions.

A month or so ago I hooked up with fellow Achievement-Whore Hid and helped him to work on his Loremaster title. This at least got me to Revered with all the Horde Factions and with a little extra work I was able to hit Exalted with both Eastern Kingdoms factions, Undercity and Silvermoon City. We were supposed to start Kalimdor next but that never really happened. I figured I had nothing better to do (and man did I have a lot of Runecloth in my mailboxes) now is as better time as any I suppose!

I started on Tuesday. Way back when the achievements first came out I went to the Orc/Troll starting zone and knocked those out, so my first goal was to do Senjin Village and then Razor Hill. Not a problem, easily done in the span of maybe an hour or so. After that I hiked over to Mulgore to do the Cow Tauren starter zone and work my way out to the Barrens from there. This is where I started to get annoyed.

I had remembered Abi griping about how obnoxious Red Moo Mesa, or whatever its called, was. I myself have never played a Tauren, the only Horde race I haven’t played, and didn’t really know what I was in for. Thank God for Quest Helper, thats all I have to say.

So whatever, I start questing out there, so far not so bad, just a LOT of drop-rate based quests and all very spread out. Then the lowbie-cattle catch the scent of an 80 Paladin in their snouts and I start getting whispers.

“What are you doing out here?”

“Can you help me plz?”

*sigh* I rolled my eyes quietly at my desk and just ignored them. I know that the starting zones are srs bznss and I’m sure that lvl 7 really needed my help taking down a lvl 5 and all, but I just wanted to get out of there as quick as possible. After all, isnt it a tad obvious what a lvl80 would be doing out in the middle of Mulgore? Which is what boggled me about the first whisper. “Oh gee I dunno, I thought I’d come out here for a stroll through the pastures!”

Not to be a snarky elitist (which I try very hard to not be) but I just wanted to get it over with as fast as possible. I finished up Mulgore aside from finding Arra’chea for Cairne. Never could find that bastard of a Kodo. Abi came home at about that time and I was tired so that was about as far as I got.

The next day I started out in the Barrens. I picked up all the quests and set out to start mass killing of the wildlife. I buff up, smack my first mob with Holy Shock when I see this little paladin next to me.

“Will u run me thru RFC”


“You could at least buff me!”

/10min BoM

*grumble grumble grumble* Aside from that the rest of the Barrens went fine. I secured Exalted with the Orcs. Just Trolls and Cows to go! Shouldnt be so hard right? I went to Splintertree Post and did the quests there, then on to Zoram’gar Outpost to protect the brave Muglash from the uber terrifying Vorsha the Lasher.

Oh... Noes...

Oh... Noes...

After finishing up Zoram’gar I went down to Camp Tarajho and did the one or two quests there. I wasn’t sure where to go from there. Then I remembered that Desolace had a Troll and Cow camp. So out there I went. Not too bad, but not too good either. I was getting close! I did some quick math.

I had 118 stacks of Runecloth (8850 rep worth), so really I only had to get to 16575 Rep with each faction and then I’d be home safe. By then end of Desolace I was still about 1k off my goal for the Cows and another 3k off with the Trolls. I had long since planned to go out to the Hinterlands and do all those quests because I knew them very well and knew I could knock them out quickly. I wasnt sure how many were out there, but maybe there was enough to get me over my goal with the trolls and then I would be fine for the Cows. Right?

I settle down into Hinterlands and get started. I had done about 5 or 6 quests maybe when my bags were full. I was waiting on some respawns so I went back to camp to empty them. I turned in all the quests I had done and looked down to see… wait… what?

No Rep.


Oh… the joys of wasting my time! Had I bothered to do my research before impulsively going for a pretty big Acheivement, I would have read that the trolls at Revantusk are not the same as the Darkspear Trolls. I was pretty aggrivated at this point. Had I have known that I could have just went to Camp Mojache and been done already. There was no way I was doing that now, I would just ended up breaking something I’m sure.

I did some more math. 45 stacks of Runecloth. That doesnt sound so bad does it? I did some more math. Worst case scenario I’d have to pay 500g or so to get the rest of this rep. Hmm. 500g…. more questing. 500g… more questing.

Totally worth it!

So I bought about 20 stacks out of the Auction House at only 5g a stack on average, which was much less than I anticipated. Then I found someone in trade who had the other 25 stacks I needed for 160g. All of that combined with the Cloth I had and a few random stacks donated on the spot by guildies I really only spent about half of what I was expecting.

My Ambassador title was complete, and I was able to get the mount achievements as well while I was at it.

Sweet Achievement Glory!

Sweet Achievement Glory!

I have this complex about even numbers so I needed to get one more Achievement to round me off to 3650 (I think, I cant remember). I decided to go with the last of my soloable Fishing Achievements, The Scavenger. The comments for this achievement on WowHead were beyond helpful and I easily snagged this in about an hour or so.

On the agenda for upcoming achievements, I am hoping to finally get Shocking! done in Naxx this weekend and then sometime in the next few days, my bestest friend and holy pally mentor Rudi has promised to get a group together for For the Horde! for me, as I still have yet to do it. All my friends have that damn bear mount but me!

Aside from this I think my pally is shelved for the next few weeks until the patch (other than raiding of course). I simply can’t think of anything else to do on her besides farming or more reputation grinding.

For now I’ll be working on my Mage, Saria and I’d really like to start my DeathKnight, Marilynne. Not to play or anything (I suck at Melee) but maybe to RP as. I love everything about Mari as a character and perhaps it will give me a reason to RP again.

Regardless, after a week of grinding out rep and with 13 more levels to get on my Mage, I think I’ll pass on any more time sink achievements.



  1. I tried to post this about a million times last week but for some reason when I did it was cutting off my sidebar. I had Abi try to post this from his work as well and he couldn’t figure it out either.

    I finally got the time tonight to mess with it a bit more and managed to get it posted. It must have been some sort of error within the html or something, I’m still really not sure.

    But its up now! Huzzah!

  2. Yeah, I can’t wait to go back and get allllll that rep I missed out on with triple XP on my Drood. So far the Cenarian Circle rep isn’t that bad out in Silithus and the mobs give the same rep per kill all the way up to exalted. Skipping Zangarmarsh altogether was probably a bad idea, no?

    I don’t know who keeps ruining Shocking! for us.. we should start castrating people that shock us.

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