Mega Update! and a PSA…

April 11, 2009

*blows off the small film of dust covering her WordPress Blog*


I suppose its been a bit since I’ve updated my blog with anything interesting. Honestly there was a bit of dullness there for awhile. I had some real life things going on (also known as the joys of being Maid of Honor in your Best Friend’s Wedding) and on top of all that there wasn’t much going on in my WoW world. I meant to set some time aside to post after Abi was featured on WowInsider and after Fulgaris called me out for not posting over on his blog. I sat for a moment thinking up a Holy Pally A-Z, but I got lazy haha and aside from that, there has been very little Pally news on MMO Champion.

Excuses aside, I decided to sit down and write. Mainly I wanted to talk about something really messed up that happened to me this evening. I was on WoW and had nothing really important to do. I randomly decided to work on some SSO rep (yeah, no idea why either) when my friend Azmo popped over to vent to chat with me while he was grinding his engineering for Arena. You see, Azmo is Rudi’s 2s partner and theyre working their way to the 2400 bracket. I finished all the SSO dailies I could do and Azmo made his shiny new Lightening Generator trinket when he decided to test it out in quick AB. Suddenly he said that he had gotten booted, I told him he was still online. Then he said that his password had been changed and he started freaking out. He tried to do a password recovery on Wow.com but no luck there seeing as how his password had already encountered too many resets recently, none of them being done by him. I kept an eye on his toon which was still in AB until suddenly it logged off and one of his alts logged in. It made me sick to my stomach to watch this happen to someone I know, not to mention someone I think of as a pretty amazing person.

I continued to keep tabs on his toon while he tried to file a ticket or do anything to get control of his account. I watched as the hacker hearthed to Dalaran, stopping at the Guild Vault and then his personal Bank before ending at the Pastry Vendor right outside the North Bank. It was horrible to watch. Luckily though (and here’s hoping) Azmo had just spent most of his gold on leveling up engineering, he had no access to his Guild’s bank and he had nothing of true value in his own bank. Most of his gear was Arena gear, also unable to be vended. The toon simply logged off and didn’t come back on, which I tried to assure Azmo was a good thing and to not worry too much.

This all happened at about 6am PST, he had another account that he logged onto to file a ticket, but the GM said he had to contact Billing. Of course, Billing didn’t open until 8am PST and he had been up all night as it was. He went to bed, unsure of the security of his toons and what to expect when he was able to sign on again. Very scary thing to witness and I can’t even imagine how he must feel. It really made me think for a moment. Luckily for Azmo, his thing is Arena and PvP, most of his valuables are safe from vending. What is this had happened to one of my Heroic-Raiding friends, a member of my raid team or (God Forbid) myself or Abi? Just earlier this week I found out that someone from my old server was hacked as well, he had at least 4 high level toons that I armoried, all of which were naked. This guy was notorious for being a prick, so I didn’t feel as bad for him, but part of me still cringed at the thought of it happening.

Moral of the story kids, protect your friggin accounts! Be wary of unfamiliar websites or addons (though Azmo had no idea what had given this to him). Whatever it was had to be a keylogger though, as it got into his email to reset his password.


With that aside, lets talk a little about what I’ve been up to. I’m really not even sure what all has happened since I last posted, so lets see here… I dinged 70 on my Mage and then set her aside haha. I hate leveling toons! Somewhile after that I took a week off of WoW to plan for a much needed vacation and take care of some crap around the house. I came back and kinda hesitated getting back into the swing of things. I RP’d a little on Mari and met some knew friends from another server who had just rolled on SoE to RP. They’re a good bunch of people and keep me occupied when I’m not pugging my usual 25s and one of their characters hit it off with little Mari.

As far as Laeyla goes… lets recap withย  some screencaps shall we?

And what a Lil' Stinker he is!

And what a Lil' Stinker he is!

Before I took my break I went a on a crazy achievement binge. I spent a night just questing in Outlands, finishing up HFP and Zangarmarsh. Then I really wanted to get the 50 Pet Achievement, buying what pets I could from the AH. I ended up being one pet short and randomly grinded Sporregar rep to get exalted and pick of the Sporebat. Abi helped me out on his lock and it took us about 4 hours of constantly repeating the “Now That We’re Still Friends” quest.

Its over 4000!!!11!!1!!

Its over 4000!!!11!!1!!

About a week or so ago I decided that since I had done Malygos maybe I should go ahead and do some heroics to get my Frozen Wastes title. We did UP, HoL, HoS and Ahnkahet getting a lot of Achievements while we were in there. These instances were not bad at all now that I have some nice gear, I’m glad I decided to do them. Ahnkahet was pretty interesting as well because no one could kill my clone! Muaahaha! Wrath of the Holy Pally ftw. I was pretty leet myself having no trouble taking out everyones clones, helping our DK tank with his adds and keeping him and myself alive to be the only two standing to defeat the boss. Ah… to be overpowered. After getting my title I needed one more achievement to break 4k points so I helped the guys out in VH, lucky for me I got my last achievement for that instance as well as hitting my mark. Abi posted the final list in his post.

I'm just here to shop, but keep up the good work guys!

I'm just here to shop, but keep up the good work guys!

While doing said heroics, I finally got enough Stone Keeper Shards to get the Mammoth mount so I grabbed that up. I don’t really like it, but it was for the most part free. What am I gonna do with all those Stone Keeper Shards anyway?

Hail Sisters...

Hail Sisters...

Things were kinda slow and I realized that since Wrath I haven’t done any dailies at all aside from the cooking daily… which I no longer do since getting my Chef title. I don’t really need Sons of Hodir rep since I’m an inscriber, but I DO need a Polar Bear Mount! Vyrkul make hot pallies! We also started to work on the Oracles Dailies and Kalu’ak Dailies. Cross your fingers for me!

Well I have more to talk about, mostly just gear stuff and more 3.1 info, but this post is pretty hefty as it is so I’ll save that for another day. I promise I’ll post about it and not forget!



  1. Good to see you are back and have been busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    And it is definitely horrible to know a good friend has been hacked. I can’t quite imagine how it must have been to actually witness it. I’m usually there as part of the aftermath. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Before I went to work this morning I logged in and filed a ticket saying that the hacker was currently on just incase Blizz needs a time stamp or something.

    I want my polar bear T_T.

    Keep posting!

  3. Fulguralis & I have always had that fear since we became officers. After blizzard came out with those Athentication devices that is like having an ever changing password. Even if they hack your account & find out your first password, they cannot log on to your account without it. Now, if they break into my house & steal the athentication device, well… gg

    I highly recommend to anyone who has that slightest fear of this happening to go out & buy one ASAP!

    PS: I’m glad you’re back ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks Fuu =D

    I really want to get an authentication device, they’re super cheap and a great peace of mind.

    But Blizzard has been out of stock for weeks >.>

    Go Figure.

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