No witty subject today kids…

May 10, 2009

SO! For those of you who frequent Fear.Win, I’m sure the rapant news of how some filthy gold farmer raped and pilaged my precious paladin for all that she had (As well as about all that 18 other toons and 4 guild banks had as well >.>) has become old news. For those of you who don’t read it (You Should!) now you know.

And before one more person says it and I end up popping a vessel, YES I got a friggin Authenticator. I have been trying to get one for months now but Blizzard was always out of stock. I saw some on eBay and Amazon, but (because of situations like these) I wanted to go through Blizzard directly. That pretty much went out the window though and I ended up getting one from amazon for about $20. Just in time for Blizz to get a shipment in of theirs, for only $6.50. Oh well!

Its pretty died down now, though I’m still waiting on my gear to be replaced. I’m really not sure how long thats going to take though because I have so many freaking toons and they were all stripped of 99% of the crap they were carrying around.

Whichever sneaky little bastard did this sent all of the valuable items (enchanting mats, herbs, pots, fish, BOE Gear etc etc etc) to my lvl 70 Mage and somehow managed to transfer her off of my account entirely. It didn’t take me very long to get her back, which is a relief. It was weird to check her bags and see so many stolen materials. They even used my stash of Dalaran Cooking Awards to buy tons of Northern Spices, my Argent Tournament Seals to buy the BoE Pets and my badges to buy BoE Epic Bracers, Gems and Frozen Orbs. Along with all of that was about 8k in gold. So depending on how they go about matters I at least have my gold. And hey! Even if I don’t get my gear back I have enough money worth of stolen goods to pawn off for new gear yeah?


I realize that its the weekend and the email said it could take a few days so I’ve just been hanging around. I  figure it might take a bit more anyway since I had 18 toons spread across two different servers and all the guild banks invovled as well. Its really only been about 48 hours and I’m pretty confident that my paladin will come out almost unscathed and probably my BE Mage as well, but I worry about my alliance toons. I know I don’t play them, but I still worked really hard on their gear. It was nice when I went over there and looked at them, reflecting on raids, guilds, friends and other memories passed. I guess we’ll see.

Since I really can’t do much on WoW and seeing as how my computer was ridiculously infected with all sorts of nastiness, I’ve taken the downtime to reformat my hardrive. Good Times. I have some super guildies though who came over and helped me get all set up (<3 Kwatan and Lennore) After they helped me with the major stuff and took their leave I got cracking on getting my computer to how it was pre-virus. I’ve spent the better part of this evening/morning reinstalling WoW and other programs I use. Thank God for Last.fm! Its keeping me sane while I download all these patches. I havent gotten a chance to put all my music back on my computer and I think sitting here in silence might drive me bananas.

I pretty much had to pick everything up from 3.0 and on. It doesnt sound like much but 3.1 was a beast. The entire redownload process has taken about 4.5 hours so far, but I think its about done.

After staring blankly at my screen for about 2 hours or so I figured that maybe I should take this time to actually update about it. I have a lot of things that have gone on that I’d love to post about, more happy things lol. Unfortunately all my screencaps are backed up at the moment and I don’t have access to them while I’m letting WoW do its thing.

I’m really bored. I almost wrote this entire thing in Haiku form. I realized that might be a bit over the top though haha.

Aside from all of that I don’t have much else to tell. I suppose I’ll let you guys know more when I do! Back to staring down the WoW Downloader!



  1. le sigh.

    I still think we oughta raid the bastard’s house. Like 40 Hoosiers with some pitchforks and torches (even though we are city-folk, just wouldn’t want to dissappoint the stereotypes). And we all know that everyone knows everyone ’round here, so I’m sure if we think really hard we already know the snake in the grass. Maybe we should go check down at old Boo Radley’s house.

    See? You’re bored at home, and I’m obviously bored at work. I can’t wait for them to get the WoW app working on the iPhone 😛

  2. Haha hell yes I’m bored! I’ve been trying to think of what I could even do in-game. Someone said I should try to run SM naked, but I dunno. I wish I hadn’t gotten all of my coins last week because I could easily do that. But Alas…

    Still waiting on them to email me or something.

    *stares down inbox*

  3. I’m sorry to hear the news and hope for a speedy recovery of all your stuff.

    I’m quite puzzled how the bastard managed to xfer one of your toons off your account. I thought toons could only be xferred to another account if the name on the accounts were the same or of the same family or something. Hmm, maybe I was dreaming? Who knows.

    And you should run SM nekkid. One night a couple guildies and I ran SM and RFK nekkid. It was a blast.

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