About Laeyla (RP Info)


-Here is some Q/A type of information for my main RP Character, Laeyla Sunspark-

Full Name: Laeyla Sunspark

Nicknames: Lae

Date of Birth: Born under the sign of Taurus

Age: Appears to be mid-twenties in Human Years

Race: Sin’dorei

Gender: Female

Hair: Ash Blonde, always worn up

Skin: Slightly fair skinned but with a warmer undertone

Eyes: Vivid Green

Height: Around 5’7 yet she always seems to stand a bit taller

Weight: 120lbs or so though her heavy armor makes her seem a bit bulkier than she really is.

Place of residence: Dalaran

Place of Birth: Quel’thalas, the area now known as Sunsail Anchorage

Known Relatives: No Biological Relatives, though she does consider Catalysta Frostweaver her sister.

Religion/Philosophy: Lae holds no ties to any one standard. She believes only in her ever present pursuit of justice and the way of the light.

Occupation: Currently aiding The Royal Apothecary Society

Group/Guild affiliation: Vae Victus

Guild Rank: Officer

Enemies: None of a personal nature but she has sworn to avenge both the death and victimization of her sister, the attack on her people as well as those of the Forsaken.

Likes: Surprises, Letters, Bodies of Water, Conversation

Favorite Foods: Fruit of any kind though she is partial to Tel’Abim Bananas and Mana Strudals.

Favorite Drinks: Kungaloosh, Honeymint Tea

Favorite Colors: Blue, Red, Gold

Weapons of Choice: Maces

Dislikes: Pushy or Abrasive People, Insects, Most DKs (aside from her sister and the ones aligned with her in battle)

Hobbies: Cooking, Caligraphy, Fishing

Physical Features: Though she has known many battles, her proximity to actual combat is limited. She has no scars or apparent wounds of any kind. She is however prone to tension in her neck and shoulder area from wearing her large shoulder armor and shield for lengthy periods.

Positive Personality Traits: Lae believes that her cause is a noble one, so she has an air of confidence about her. Though she is kind to most everyone she isnt a pushover and will let people know if they overstep their boundaries. She is also known to be very honest and genuine.

Negative Personality Traits: After seeing the pain and anguish caused by the Scourge attacks and the death of her sister, she has made a point to not become attached to people while a war is being waged. While she is an open book and will answer any question you ask of her, she does not get close to people easily no matter how much she might desire it. At times she doesn’t speak much as well, almost as if she is lost in her own thoughts. This is due to her ever watchful nature.

Misc. Quirks: Lae is known to give a certain smile. It is almost as if she is using this to reassure you constantly that everything will be ok. She also has a tendancy to nod in response to almost everything, only speaking if she has something of importance to add.

Played by What Famous Person: Blake Lively

Theme Songs: Deftones – Riviere

Song/Youtube Link(Optional): Youtube

Theme Description: ((I had actually chosen another song for her until I heard this one. I love just about everything by the Deftones, but this one really spoke to me for Lae in general. The lyrics don’t do it justice alone. The overall sound of the song has a sadness to it, but its still hopefull and strong. I think it fits her perfectly.))

She haunts the roads
She waits for a new face
Her arms red and injured
She wants to rest
But she can’t till we have faced…
I’ve cut your armies down
And torn your heart
You wait
I’ll wait
Outside, awake
For you
I’ve cut your armies down
And torn your heart
You wait
I will wait
Outside, awake
I’ll wait
She haunts the road
She waits for a new face

History: (Copied from my MRP)

Laeyla spent her youth in the area now known as Sunsail Anchorage. Her family saw strength in her early on in life and thought she would be fit for Blood Knight training.

And so Laeyla began training the different arts of battle. She met another Paladin with whom she grew quite attached to by the name of Catalysta. They were convinced they were long lost Sisters of the Light and they excelled well together.

However soon enough the tragedy of the Scourge invasion took over her home-lands. Lae stayed behind while her sister fought to protect the Sunwell. She was never to return. Lae felt much guilt over Catalysta’s death. Seeing the many injuries that her people suffered moved her greatly as well. Despite her teachers disappointment, she thought it best to take up a new path of healing.

Once completing her training she sought out the Sin’dorei Ambassador of the Undercity and began to work close with the Royal Apothecary Society. She felt as though their work was noble, as it also aided her people in their struggle to combat the Scourge. She hoped that her assitance to the Apothecary would seek vengence for her sister as well as bring justice to both the Sin’dorei and the Forsaken.

She was tasked to aid a Forsaken Dark Priest by the name of Abigore. She continues to assist him in his workings to this day. Since furthering their work together in Northrend they have made many other allies, One in particular being her fallen sister Catalysta whom had been raised by Arthas as a Death Knight.

As for now Lae continues to combat the scourge alongside her allies in Northrend until the day she fights The Lich King himself.


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