My Toons

I currently raid on the Horde side of the US-PvE server Thrall in the guild Clique. I mainly play and write about my Paladin, but I have recently started raiding on my Mage.

  • Laeyla: 80 Blood Elf Holy Paladin (Inscription/Herbalism)
  • Marilynne: 80 Blood Elf Arcane Mage (Tailoring/Enchanting)

Before transferring to Thrall, I raided on the US-RP server Sisters of Elune. These are the toons I left behind.

  • Evissiia: 70 Undead Combat Rogue (Alchemy/Herbalism)
  • Remmie: 60+ Blood Elf Beast Mastery Hunter (Engineering/Mining)
  • Marilynne: 58 Blood Elf Death Knight (RP Only)
  • Tellura: 55+ Blood Elf Shadow Priest

Before coming to SoE, I raided on the Alliance side of the US-PVE server Silvermoon for a few years but these alts/mains are now retired.

  • Natallia: 70 Draenei Arcane Mage (Alchemy/Herbalism)
  • Catalis: 70 Draenei Holy Priest (Tailoring/Engineering)
  • Darbley: 70 Dwarf Beast Mastery Hunter (Skinning/Leatherworking)
  • Tricket: 64 Night Elf Resto Druid (Mining)
  • Meriko: 62 Draenei Elemental Shaman
  • Loxxorz: 60 Gnome Affliction Warlock

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