About Me (OOC Info)


TL;DR Version:

I am a 27 yr old Female from Indianapolis, In.

I am married, no children, but many pets who might as well be.

I am unemployed (/flex) and have many hobbies including but not limited to:  Writing, Roleplaying, Television/Movies, Music (listening and playing), Reading and of course Games.

I started out as a console gamer, but soon got into the world of MMOs through World of Warcarft.

I have been playing WoW with my Husband for almost 4 years. In those 4 years we have met many people, played tons of different ways and of course, leveled many, many characters.

I currently play Horde-side on the US PvE Realm: Thrall.

Pre-Wrath I had played Alliance-Side on the US PvE Realm: Silvermoon. I let those characters retire and rerolled on the US RP Realm: Sisters of Elune. After raiding there for a year I then transferred with my guild to Thrall, leaving another set of alts on SoE.

My husband suggested this site, as he has been a longtime blogger here. My posts will probably be about my Paladin’s RP storyline as well as Paladin Healing, Raiding and other things dealing with Wrath of the Lich King.

My Backstory:

My very first character ever made was an Undead Rogue on the PvE Realm Silvermoon. I must admit I did love WoW very much, but just a month or so into it I joined a band, enrolled into school and therefore took an extended break, only having made it to about lvl 35.

When my classes ended and I decided to quit my band, I decided to get back into the game. Once again picking up with my Rogue. I was such a newb back then! Ha. But have since learned a lot. I leveled my Rogue to 70, even having done  a few pre-BC raids (ZG, AQ20), but it was fast becoming apparent that on Silvermoon, if you wanted to raid, alliance was the way to go.

My husband, a handful of guilies (whom I still play with to this day) and I made the switch to alliance.  This time I decided to play a Draenei Mage. I loved being a mage more than any class I have ever played (and there have been many). We made the long haul to 70 again, and quickly got into a 25man raiding guild. Thus beginning my career as a raider. I actually excelled at it, being made my guild’s mage class leader. Things were going good, but soon it all seemed to fall apart.

It was about this time that out of boredom, and looking for a brief escape for myself from the drama that surrounds many raiding guilds, I decided to roll on an RP server. I looked at the long list of servers available and settled on Sisters of Elune. I liked the name, it sounded lore-ish, why not? I had always wanted a BE Hunter, so I rolled one up and began stalking people out, watching them RP in /say and /me. I was fascinated!

I had a very rough start however, seeing as how I had never RP’d before. I tried hard to explain IC that while I was not new to all things Wow, I was new to RP. This seemed to turn people away and I felt really stupid. Eventually someone took pity on me and directed me to meet with one of the more solid RPers on that server and I got situated in her guild. She actually still plays on Sisters of Elune and is well respected among everyone.

Things were looking up for my little hunter and soon I met up with a fellow who taught me how to RP, develop my character and we had a short stint of fantastic RP. I loved everything about it, though I was a raider at heart. I started a blog for her character, logging all the details of our innocent yet tragic storyline. It was right at the peak of that storyline though that real life obligations called him away, back to his main character on the alliance side. I felt sort of lost then and so I went back to my PvE server, leaving my hunter behind.

Things picked up again with raiding. We were progressing through SSC, TK and Hyjal. I was respected among my guildmates, had much respect for my guild leader and was enjoying full-time raiding. However things got shooken up in the guild, yet again, we lost our raid leader and a lot of the core raiders I was close with. My husband, sick of the drama, gave up his raid spot as well. It was just me left and I stuck it out as best as possible.

About the time we started working on Black Temple, certain things in the guild that I was able to ignore before, became too much for me to deal with. The Guild Leader became a bit egotistical as we climbed the progression ladder.  He started to go behind my back and force new mages into specs that were completely wrong, he continued to stack his groups so that his DPS would be higher. On top of this he made many decisions I didn’t agree with, such as skipping Vashj and Kael so that we could get into BT sooner. I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t want to just throw in the towel.

Another raid guild had been advertising that they needed a good mage. I knew this guild was a bit next level, having down every boss up to Archimonde and having downed up to BloodBoil in BT. I didn’t really want to leave my guild, but I was so unhappy. Looking back I know my decision was hasty, but I threw caution into the wind and left my guild to join. That didn’t last long… at all.

Unlike my previous guild where I was respected and sought out for advice, in this guild I was just another peon. The raid leader was a complete jerk, constantly yelling at members for mistakes, no matter how minor they were. I wasn’t accustomed to that kind of raiding and honestly, at the time I had joined, all progression seemed to come to a screeching hault anyway. The attutide of the raid leader drove more and more members away and even though we did down BloodBoil, that was as far as we got.

Raiding was post-poned in the guild, a two week hiatus. They used that time to recruit new people, farm badges. I used that time to level some alts, a Draenei shadow priest and a dwarf hunter. When the time came to raid again, I realized that I was dreading it more than being excited about returning. My biggest fear of leaving 25man raiding, it that I would be completely bored. Thats what the game is about right? Raiding? Turns out I didn’t miss it at all. I enjoyed being a casual. So I thanked them for their time and promptly gquit. I wasn’t friends with anyone there, so without raiding I had no reason to be there anyway.

I had joined another guild on my shadow priest… I really don’t even want to talk about this because it was probably one of the biggest mistakes I ever made aside from leaving my first raiding guild. It was supposed to be casual. We were all good friends. We wanted to only do 10man content, Kara and ZA. They needed a healer and so I went holy instead of shadow. Turns out I actually really liked healing as well, almost as much as my mage. It started out really good and again I was made main healer. My husband had even began to raid with us again.

I had high hopes, of course until everyone became overrun with greed. Pretty much if certain people werent getting gear out of the runs, they didnt want to be there and would constantly complain. Every raid was a drama fest, a chance to complain. If we downed 3 timed chests in ZA, then the run sucked because we didn’t get the 4th. If we cleared Kara in 2 hours, then the run sucked because the drops were bad. It got really old, really fast.

My husband and I had recently purchased a third account for the new Refer a Friend promotion.  Two of our RL friends also signed up for the promotion, as well as a long-time guildie since we first played on the Horde side. We had all become tired of the raiding grind, we wanted something different. We missed playing the Horde as well. It was then I remembered the fun and excitement of an RP server. I made the suggestion and we decided to re-roll. We tried a handful of different servers. The guys wanted to try a PvP server, so at first we went for RP-PvP. Unfortunately those servers are full of e-peen weilding gankers, and very little RP (at least on the server we chose). So we gave up on that idea and rolled back on my RP home, Sisters of Elune.

We were having so much fun leveling there. My main complaint of Priest healing was the quickness that I would die if a mob got loose. I made a strikingly hot (if I may say so myself) BE Holy Paladin. My husband had long wanted a shadow priest and loved the lore surrounding the Forsaken and so thats what he went with. Our other re-rolling partners picked tanks, dps. We had the makings of a 5man by level 7. Eventually we would hide out on Sisters of Elune to avoid having to raid on Silvermoon!

Word got round eventually of our secret hide-out. The guild was beyond pissed that we werent spending time in their drama fest, eventually kicking us. We didn’t even care. We pretty much just abandoned our 70s there, making our own guild on Sisters of Elune. Its there that we still play to this day, and while it has its moment of headache, we are enjoying it thoroughly.

I still play my Holy Paladin, but I’ll be the first to admit that it has its downfalls, especially compared to Priest healing. The pre-wrath introduction of new spells was a god-send, until Wrath actually came out. Still I am trying to stick with it, and make the best of what I can. We have begun raiding, still keeping it casual though, only raiding on weekends, leaving me with the week to do whatever I want.

When I first rolled on Sisters of Elune, since there was no reason for being there aside from RP, I had no real pressure to level. The second time was different though. I had to keep up with the group and since we re-rolled only a month before Wrath hit the shelves, I had to be 70 and fast. When Wrath came out it was no different and I spent all my time grinding out those long 10 levels. I never really had time to RP.

Once 80 I started up my blog again for my Paladin, when my husband suggested this site, as he has been a longtime blogger here. Since starting this blog, RP has taken a bit of a backseat to raiding again but I continue to update about all that is WoW.

With the World of Warcraft being one of constant change, I doubt I’ll be left with nothing to write anytime in the near future.


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