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Pilgrim’s Bounty: A Guide to this easy Holiday!

November 25, 2009

Who knew when the Pilgrims met the Indians it was this hot?

This week the newest Holiday of Azeroth started: Pilgrim’s Bounty. Its a super easy Meta-Achievement that awards a Turkey Pet and “the Pilgrim” Title. Other bonuses include Festive Outfits, an awesome 10% Reputation Bonus, easily obtainable/cheap Food Buffs and an equally cheap equivalent to the Fish Feast.

Pretty much this Meta-Achievement is obtainable in as little as 2 days. Its really just a lot of travel (Portals are a HUGE time saver – Be extra nice to mages this week!), a lot of planning ahead and a LOT of cooking. If you’re cooking isnt high enough don’t worry! You can level it all the way to 300 by simply making the items required for the Holiday. Already a master chef? Your Chef Hat is going to come in REALLY handy here, so equip it!

The first day you venture out you will want to start in Undercity. You’ll find the first few achievements at the tables located around the area. There is a quest to eat every food available at each table. Simply have a seat and eat the food in front of you, stacking it up to five. You can pass this dish to someone else to acquire the “Food Fight” achievement. Move to another chair to eat another dish again stacking it up to five and passing… repeat until you’ve gotten each dish complete and you should also achieved “Sharing is Caring” as well as a buff that boosts Rep gains by 10%.

While you’re there, pick up the Bountiful Cookbook, which gives you every recipe you’ll need. Be sure to pick up 25 Tirisfal Pumpkins at the vendor as well. Theyre used for the Pumpkin pie, which you’ll need 20 of for a daily and then you’ll need 5 more for later. You can get Autumn Spices and Honey anywhere, so don’t worry about stocking up on those. You can also find the Bountiful Baskets here, which are required to make Bountiful Feasts, the holiday version of Fish Feasts.

There are 5 dailies each for this: 1 for each city and 1 that sends you to another city. At first you’ll want to get either 5 Turkey Shooters or 3 Turkey Shooters, the chest of your choice (Pilgrim’s Robe, Pilgrim’s Attire and Pilgrim’s Dress all count) and a Pilgrim’s Hat for the “Terrokar Turkey Time” achievement. Grab up the 2 dailies located in UC – cook whatever is needed there first, you’ll get the other materials at other city vendors and you’ll end up back in UC when you’re finished anyway. Turn in at UC an d then take the portal to SMC. There isn’t much to do here, but make sure you eat every food at their table for your “Pilgrim’s Paunch” Achievement. Head back to UC and out to Tirisfal, you’ll need to hunt up some Wild Turkey’s!

The Wild Turkey’s are lvl 1 Beasts you can find all over Tirisfal Glades. You’ll need to kill 40 of these in a row while working on a timer for your “The Turkinator” Achievement, but you shouldnt worry about that while you’re farming up these little guys to cook. At first you’ll just want to kill the ones you need, loot them until you’ve gotten 25 and then head to Org.

In Orgrimmar you’ll find the material needed to make your Cranberries, again make sure to get 5 extra for later! Grab the 2 dailies for Org, again cooking what you need for them first. Don’t forget to sit at the table there and obtain your Spirit of Sharing buff before moving on to Thunder Bluff. You’ll find the materials for the Sweet Potatoes there, don’t forget your extra 5. Also you’ll need the pumpkins you picked up from UC for the quest turn in there. Cook them up, hand them over and the last quest should send you back to UC. Again – Don’t forget to get your Spirit of Sharing buff, which should award you the “Pilgrim’s Paunch” achievement.Once back in UC, cook up whats needed for the last Daily Quest there. You should achieve both “Now we’re Cooking” and “Pilgrim’s Progress”.

There is a side quest chain once you’ve ran to all the cities to replenish supplies at other towns. This is why you grabbed 5 extra of each item, as each quest takes 5 of each recipe. It ends by giving you an item called Turkey Caller which calls out a Wild Turkey that you can kill and loot, saving you some time if you need to farm for these later or maybe buy you some time for Turkinator. Plus the turkey has a cute animation! This isnt part of the Meta, but its a neat little item and keeps the holiday fun going.

Once you’ve completed your dailies for the day its time to move on. If you chose all Turkey Shooters then start working on finding all those pesky Rogues. They can be of any level, so it helps if you have friends who can trade making alts with you – helping you both get the achievement easily. You won’t have enough after the first day, you need 8 Turkey Shooters for “Turkey Lurky”, but the next day you can easily run the same routine you did today and get everything you need for your Meta. It should only take 2 days of dailies to get all 8 Turkey Shooters and both pieces of gear needed.

If you chose to get your Chest and Helm you can work on the other Achievements requiring those, “Pilgrim’s Peril” and “Terrokar Turkey Time”. “Terrokar Turkey Time” is straight forward – a quick clear through Setthek Halls, normal mode works fine. This is easily 2manned or you can bring more to make the trip faster. Just don’t forget to equip your holiday chest and helm before killing the last boss, Ikiss.

For “Pilgrim’s Peril” travel around to all the alliance tables and simply sit at them while wearing your holiday chest. Neither eating each food or the helm is needed for this achievement. For some cities the corresponding starter town’s tables also work, but not for all of them, so make sure you have your achievement tracker on. I play on a high-population server and found very little resistance while doing this. You can’t sit at a table while in combat, so try to avoid guards and players as best as possible.

Once all of these achievements are completed you’re left with only one to get before that shiny new title and suicidal pet are yours… “The Turkinator”. This one took a bit to get the hang of, but there are lots of tricks to it if you’re having trouble.

First off – You don’t want to risk looting the corpse in case you don’t find another Wild Turkey in time. You need 40 kills and you have roughly 25 seconds to move between each kill. Pick an Instant Cast ranged Spell if you can, this is a competitve achievement!

Secondly, try to find an open space thats out of the way. I went to Venomweb Vale in Tirisfal and found very little people there, plus it was easy to spot new turkeys as I ran along. The most important key is to keep moving!

If you’re still having trouble don’t worry! There are other things you can do to help yourself out:

  • Try pairing up with a friend to spot out the turkeys with you, two sets of eyes are better than one! You can do the same for them in return.
  • Go late at night, early in the morning, when people are normally raiding or even when the dailies reset. Anytime where you have a better shot of having those turkeys all to yourself.
  • Tracker Snacks are a Northrend Food Item that give you the ability to track beasts. Since these little guys count as such its very helpful. Track beasts for Hunters also works.
  • Don’t get frustrated! Its supposed to be fun. If someone ninjas a kill from you just keep moving to the next one. Same goes for you! Don’t waste time trying to ninja other players’ kills, it will just slow you down. Stay focused and keep moving. You’ll get it in no time!

Thats all there is to it! All in all a pretty easy and fun achievement… even if it does make me super hungry.

Enjoy your new pet and title!


Quick Post on Fun Stuff for the Week

November 22, 2009

Mari pities da foo! ...totally

Earlier this week they placed Night Elf Mohawk NPC’s outside all the starter area’s. Talk to one, get your Night Elf Mohawk Grenade, toss at your entire guild at raid time and enjoy the horror.

Watch de Whelps!

Log in today and get your new 5th Anniversay Pet, the Onyxian Whelpling. Much like last year’s Blizzard Bear this little guy is BoA and arrives in your mailbox. Aww!

AMG Meals on Wheels!

Also Pilgrim’s Bounty just started! So get working on your Turkey Pets before you eat his parent’s this Thursday. More info on that later! Time to go start working on mine!


Argent Tournament, Ulduar and Achievements: A week in Review!

April 22, 2009

Today concludes the first week of Patch 3.1 and what a busy, busy week it was! Tons of buggy instances, server instability and major lag, but for the most part this patch has proven to be filled with win.

I didn’t play much on the first day due to the servers not coming up forever. I checked out the new fishing daily and also picked up the cooking daily again. Since getting my Chef title I had stopped doing it and I’m really kicking myself for that now seeing as how there is now an Achievement to get the new Chef’s Hat (100 Dalaran Cooking Awards). I really enjoy the new fishing daily and have so far gotten 3 of the pricey vendor trash rewards (17g, 25g and 100g) but I have yet to get either of the new poles.

What has really been taking up all of my time has been the new Argent Tournament dailies! If you haven’t done these yet (SHAME!) you really should. Even if you’re not interested in the mounts, pets or titles, its extremely good money and the quests are fairly easy, taking very little time to complete them.



I’ve teamed up once again with fellow achievement-whore Hid to work on these (and lots of other Achievements, which I’ll get to later) and its probably the most fun I’ve had in the game in quite some time. You start out by Aspiring for your race’s city, completing 3 quests a day for 3 days until you then become a Challenger. Once becoming a Challenger you then complete 4 quests a day for 5 days until finally becoming a Champion for your home city. After you become a champion, you can then go through the sequence again for other cities in your faction, though you start out as a Challenger instead of an Aspirant.

All of the quests are pretty simple and easy to do. The only one that really could be annoying is where you have to compete against Valiants and Challengers and win. It can be a little challenging at first and sometimes I would get annoyed with it. However I was standing there watching Hid do his when I realized that while you can’t help someone take down an opponent on a mount, you can use your character’s abilities while unmounted and help them that way. It was much easier after we figured that out and made it take less time as well.

Yay for Titles!

Yay for Titles!

Now that we’re Champions, I believe we get 4 quests a day to complete for Champion’s Seals (The currency for rewards at the Argent Tournament) and also 4 quests a day for the next faction we’re working on, but I’m not entirely sure about the last part. The quests are pretty much the same as the Challenger dailies, just requiring more kills. There is a new Daily Group quest, but it didn’t seem too hard with the two of us since I can heal.

Aside from the Daily Group Quest, all of the quests for each rank are entirely soloable, but I think it makes it more fun to have a partner, much like many other aspects of the game. So snatch someone up and give them a try if you haven’t already.

While the Argent Tournament has occupied most of my time, Hid has also dragged me along to a few other things that the patch brought with it. We successfully healed the new boss in VoA10 fairly easily (no drops for either of us -_-). The strategy is really easy, but its heavily DPS dependant. I’m not sure how well PuGs will be able to do it, but anything is possible. We also completed all of the Outlands Heroics to snag the Achievements for Outland Dungeon Master and Outland Heroic Master.

After our Achievement binge we took a break to go and farm up this adorable new mini-pet:

See?! Isn't he adorable?!

See?! Isn't he adorable?!

Awww I love his pretty wings! He’s super tiny, but I still really love this new pet. This little guy is farmed up in Feralas for Horde Only. When Hid suggested that we go farm for this I wasn’t exactly willing… I know that for other drop-related pets it can take hours/days/weeks (/months!) to get them to actually drop, but he had said that tons of people in his guild were getting them super-fast so we gave it a go. It took us about 20 minutes to get one for both of us. Naturally his dropped first (grrr), but I got mine really shortly afterwards. I helped Abi farm one up for his new lock-lady as well a few days later and it took about 45 minutes for him to get his. So if any of you fellow hordies have some time to waste maybe that will give you something to do!

Wow, so what else did I do this week?

Oh Yeah! Ulduar!

Oh Yeah! Ulduar!

Now I’ll admit that I didn’t go jumping into Ulduar as soon as the patch hit. While most of my raid team was still on vacation preventing Vae Victus from going in, a lot of my friends from other guilds were tromping through there. All I heard were the horror stories of bugged mobs, laggy encounters and not to mention the difficulty of the Raid itself! I really was in no hurry at all to do it, figuring I’d wait it out until Blizz got everything working as intended.

However come Monday night, dailies were all finished, what to do… what to do. Low and Behold the guild I’ve been doing 25man Naxx with was asking me to help them out in there so I figured what the hell. We were in there for 6 hours: 180g in repairs and 32 Fish Feasts later I had 3 spankin’ new achievements in hand and an all new excitement for raiding.

They had done Flame Leviathan and Razorscale throughout the week (all of which I was invited to, but I was so busy with other things) so we attempted XT-002 Deconstructor first. It seemed like we would always get so close, but just be off a pinch. Much like the new boss in VOA, all the bosses in Ulduar seem to be DPS checks.

The one thing I love the most about this guild is how they never get discouraged. We wiped for 4 straight ours on that toe-touching robot… yet still they were excited to go back in and keep at it. It was really inspiring and dare I say… contagious. It paid off though and we got him down, sealing two achievements for that encounter alone. No Pally loot, but I was just glad to down a new boss.

We gave a go at Ignus as well, which I found to be a very fun fight also. Everthing was so chaotic on those bosses! (OMG! They’re climbing up the walls! We can’t see them! Argh!) It was really a lot of fun.

From a healing aspect, I won’t really say that I found it to be all that difficult for the most part. The trick (for pallies who are MT healing at least) is to find a nice spot in LOS of the tank, yet still giving yourself a little distance from the raid team (about 20yds). In all honesty I wouldn’t suggest using a lot of Holy Light until your tank is more geared. I just couldn’t stomach the wait of Holy Light, especially without the benefit of Infusion of Light affecting it anymore. Thats just me though, and I don’t really stack a lot of haste. Other than that I healed as normal without noticing any real change to my healing-style from the minimal changes that went through with the patch.

I want to say that Ulduar is going to be more of a push for DPS classes and I’m kind of glad for that, though I’ll admit I’ve only seen two encounters and I’m sure the later ones get more healing intensive. Either way, its definately going to be a challenge and make ever boss downing worth the effort. I’m very excited about when Vae Victus gets in there.

So that was my week! I was a busy, busy Blood Elf but I had a great time. I hope the rest of you found it to be as productive. Good luck in your endeavors in Ulduar, drops from your Fishing Bags  and against those pesky Argent Challengers!


3.1 Patch Notes: Professions and Paladins

April 14, 2009

OMGZ Its Patch Day *flails* Everyone is sitting around bored waiting for the servers to come up and I’m no different. So I read the patch notes a couple times.

Oh Patch Notes… you read them constantly, everyone posts about them, so I thought I’d post a condensed version based on things I’m excited about. It took me about 20  minutes to read through the entire list (Not counting the million times Hid distracted me from reading about the changes to Aura Mastery *shakes fist*). We’ve still got about 3 hours until the patch hits anyway, you need to read more, you junkies!

Everyone has read countless things on Ulduar and NannerShoulders wrote up an excellent guide to the Argent Tournament, so I’ll skip those. Countless posts have been made on Duel-Speccing and to be honest I don’t even really need to do it (though it gives an Achievement… those bastards!) so I won’t beat that horse any longer. I’m excited about Noble Garden as well (Woo! New Achievements!) but I can post about that later. I haven’t seen a lot on Profession changes, so I want to talk about that first… because I’m really more excited about the Fishing Daily than the new Paladin Glyphs >.>


  • All flasks now last 1 hour. To compensate, all flask recipes will provide 2 flasks for the same material cost.
  • Flasks now stack to 20, and their vendor sell prices have been reduced to lower the Auction House deposits.
  • Northrend flasks will be converted to mixtures. This includes the Flask of Stoneblood, Flask of Pure Mojo, Flask of Endless Rage, and Flask of the Frost Wyrm. Mixtures can create 2 flasks of the corresponding type. This allows players who stockpiled Northrend flasks to convert them to the new system without any loss.
  • You can now sometimes find Alchemist’s Caches from bosses in Ulduar. Only players with an Alchemy skill of 425 or higher can loot these secret caches.

I’m not an alchemist on my Paladin, but my little Rogue is maxed out and supplies all my flasks and pots (not that I ever use them). I think the idea of an Alchemist’s Cache is really neat though, so I’m excited for my Raiding Alchemists to get some of those.


  • Find Herbs no longer tracks Glowcaps.
  • Northrend herbs now yield more herbs on average.
  • The herbalism requirement for gathering Tiger Lily has been reduced to 375.
  • Lifeblood now has level requirements equal to the level required for the corresponding skill rank: Apprentice (1), Journeyman (1), Expert (10), Artisan (25), Master (40), Grand Master (55).
  • You can no longer fail when Herbing.
  • The time it takes to gather herbs has been reduced.

Pretty cut and dry here. I’m interested to see how fast I pick an herb now and how many drop. Looks like this made it easier to level my favorite gathering profession, but the others got similar buffs as well.


  • Added a recipe to trainers for creating a level 70 superior-quality off-hand item.
  • Added a recipe for creating a different level 70 superior-quality off-hand item. Scribes will find the recipe is dropped from residents of Silverbrook.
  • Added around 50 new glyph recipes. These new recipes can be obtained from Books of Glyph Mastery found as world drops on Northrend monsters. Reading a Book of Glyph Mastery randomly discovers one of the newly-added recipes.
  • Glyph icons have been updated so it is easy to distinguish between classes.
  • Players will now learn 3 recipes the very first time they perform Northrend Inscription Research. This does not apply to players who have already discovered recipes from Northrend Inscription Research (sorry).

Ha! The little pathetic looking (sorry) at the end of that made me laugh. Inscription is still looking pretty dull. I’m glad I have it for my over-powered Shoulder Enchant, but thats about it. The wording on how to get the new glyphs is strange, I wonder if you just have to wait for them all to drop or if you get them from research as well? I’m kinda dreading having to discover ALL of those new Glyphs also. Northrend Research is so expensive to do! I’m still wondering why they decided to not allow us to make those portable Lexicons that I was excited about…

  • Applying a glyph no longer requires a Lexicon of Power. The same rules for switching between dual talent specializations now apply to switching glyphs and cannot be performed while in combat, Battlegrounds (except when Preparation is up), or Arenas (no exceptions).

..Oh.. well hmph! Honestly I think this change is kind of… well stupid. So what are all those floating books going to be used for? Maybe they’ll just be gone! Moving on to my two favorite professions (and Lae’s as well).


  • A new recipe has been added to cooking trainers for making Black Jelly, using several Borean Man ‘O War as ingredients. While it looks disgusting, it restores more health and mana than the highest level food.
  • Flint and Tinder is no longer necessary for creating a campfire. You’re just that resourceful!
  • Grub now sells the Dig Rat Stew recipe to players who completed the quest.
  • Ingredients such as Spices, Apples, and the like have been removed from most cooking recipes.
  • Players no longer need to complete the Clamlette Surprise quest to gain Artisan cooking. The quest now offers the unique recipe, Clamlette Magnifique. If you already completed the quest, you can visit Dirge Quickcleave in Gadgetzan to learn this recipe (for free).
  • Prospector Khazgorm, found in Bael Modan in southern Barrens, now sells the recipe for Dig Rat Stew to the Alliance.
  • Several Northrend recipes were given greater skill up ranges to make it easier to reach 450 cooking skill.
  • You no longer need to learn cooking from books. The trainers have finally done their reading and are able to teach you the same thing.


  • A new (and very rare) special mount can now be caught from Northrend fishing pools.
  • New fishing dailies are now offered from Marcia Chase in Dalaran City!
  • Players are no longer required to do the Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme quest to gain Artisan fishing. The quest now offers a special superior-quality fishing pole instead. If you already completed the quest, you can visit Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh to receive this new fishing pole.
  • The time needed to catch fish has been reduced.
  • You can now fish anywhere, regardless of skill. Every catch has the potential for fishing skill gains, but you are likely to catch worthless junk in areas that are too difficult for your skill.
  • You can now fish in Wintergrasp, and the fishin’ is good!
  • You no longer need to learn fishing from books. The trainers have finally done their reading and are able to teach you the same thing.

First of all… NEW FISHING DAILY! Wewt. They didn’t really say much about it but never fear! El’s Anglin’ was on the case as usual and I went over there to get the lowdown. That jeweled fishing pole has Paladin written all over it and oh yes… she will be mine. I really like the Bone Pole too (wow… they need a better name for that) and am kinda glad I don’t have the Kalu’ak Pole now, I always thought it was unsightly. The other rare rewards are slightly disappointing since they are just reused from the old daily, but there are a lot of new common items that I think might be cool and of course a new pet will keep all us feesh-lovers busy with this for awhile.

I’m really excited actually about the changes to fishing and I’m quite curious about this fishing pole Nat Pagle has for me. The cooking changes aren’t anything super exciting, though I am glad I saved up all my Borean Man ‘O War to use for some makeshift Mana Streudals. I think at least a few hours of my day will be spent running around to the old world vendors/quest givers to pick up those new recipes. Again, more changes to make leveling these two professions easier, no more books, no more quests. Not to mention you can fish ANYWHERE and get skillups! I wonder what they mean by worthless junk…

Speaking of worthless junk… since this is a Paladin Blog I should go ahead and list the Paladin changes, though I must admit they aren’t anything you haven’t already heard nor are they anything exciting. I know you’re coming down from your high about that Tiffany Fishing Pole, so I’ll slap the Pally Talk under a cut:

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Mega Update! and a PSA…

April 11, 2009

*blows off the small film of dust covering her WordPress Blog*


I suppose its been a bit since I’ve updated my blog with anything interesting. Honestly there was a bit of dullness there for awhile. I had some real life things going on (also known as the joys of being Maid of Honor in your Best Friend’s Wedding) and on top of all that there wasn’t much going on in my WoW world. I meant to set some time aside to post after Abi was featured on WowInsider and after Fulgaris called me out for not posting over on his blog. I sat for a moment thinking up a Holy Pally A-Z, but I got lazy haha and aside from that, there has been very little Pally news on MMO Champion.

Excuses aside, I decided to sit down and write. Mainly I wanted to talk about something really messed up that happened to me this evening. I was on WoW and had nothing really important to do. I randomly decided to work on some SSO rep (yeah, no idea why either) when my friend Azmo popped over to vent to chat with me while he was grinding his engineering for Arena. You see, Azmo is Rudi’s 2s partner and theyre working their way to the 2400 bracket. I finished all the SSO dailies I could do and Azmo made his shiny new Lightening Generator trinket when he decided to test it out in quick AB. Suddenly he said that he had gotten booted, I told him he was still online. Then he said that his password had been changed and he started freaking out. He tried to do a password recovery on but no luck there seeing as how his password had already encountered too many resets recently, none of them being done by him. I kept an eye on his toon which was still in AB until suddenly it logged off and one of his alts logged in. It made me sick to my stomach to watch this happen to someone I know, not to mention someone I think of as a pretty amazing person.

I continued to keep tabs on his toon while he tried to file a ticket or do anything to get control of his account. I watched as the hacker hearthed to Dalaran, stopping at the Guild Vault and then his personal Bank before ending at the Pastry Vendor right outside the North Bank. It was horrible to watch. Luckily though (and here’s hoping) Azmo had just spent most of his gold on leveling up engineering, he had no access to his Guild’s bank and he had nothing of true value in his own bank. Most of his gear was Arena gear, also unable to be vended. The toon simply logged off and didn’t come back on, which I tried to assure Azmo was a good thing and to not worry too much.

This all happened at about 6am PST, he had another account that he logged onto to file a ticket, but the GM said he had to contact Billing. Of course, Billing didn’t open until 8am PST and he had been up all night as it was. He went to bed, unsure of the security of his toons and what to expect when he was able to sign on again. Very scary thing to witness and I can’t even imagine how he must feel. It really made me think for a moment. Luckily for Azmo, his thing is Arena and PvP, most of his valuables are safe from vending. What is this had happened to one of my Heroic-Raiding friends, a member of my raid team or (God Forbid) myself or Abi? Just earlier this week I found out that someone from my old server was hacked as well, he had at least 4 high level toons that I armoried, all of which were naked. This guy was notorious for being a prick, so I didn’t feel as bad for him, but part of me still cringed at the thought of it happening.

Moral of the story kids, protect your friggin accounts! Be wary of unfamiliar websites or addons (though Azmo had no idea what had given this to him). Whatever it was had to be a keylogger though, as it got into his email to reset his password.


With that aside, lets talk a little about what I’ve been up to. I’m really not even sure what all has happened since I last posted, so lets see here… I dinged 70 on my Mage and then set her aside haha. I hate leveling toons! Somewhile after that I took a week off of WoW to plan for a much needed vacation and take care of some crap around the house. I came back and kinda hesitated getting back into the swing of things. I RP’d a little on Mari and met some knew friends from another server who had just rolled on SoE to RP. They’re a good bunch of people and keep me occupied when I’m not pugging my usual 25s and one of their characters hit it off with little Mari.

As far as Laeyla goes… lets recap with  some screencaps shall we?

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Adventures in Questing: My Race to Ambassador

February 27, 2009

Before I began working on leveling my Mage (Ding 67 btw), I went on a ridiculous Achievement Binge on my Paladin. While it started with Love is in the Air, it carried over into that weekend’s Naxx where we acquired a handful of Achievements as well.

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

After Naxx I spent the rest of my downtime during the weekend in BGs, strictly to get some Achievements in there as well. I am not a fan of PvP at all, so the fact that I did this shows how hell-bent I seemed to be. I also took Abi’s Dr00d though Seth Halls and soloed a bit of Labs to get the rest of my Lower City Rep to get honored status and get the Auchenei Key, my last key needed for the Keymaster Achievement. I was a mad woman, by the end of the weekend I had gotten about 150 Achievement points.

So what to do with myself during the week? It started off harmlessly, buying a few pets from both the Horde and Neutral AH to get the next rank of the vanity pet Achievement. However, that took very little time and with wanting to leave my BIS 10man Gear List up for awhile on my blog, I was quite bored.

Awhile back (before I got really heavy into the Achievement Grind) I had always wanted to get the Ambassador Title for my Paladin. This was mainly due to RP reasons because she worked very closely to the Apothecary and the Forsaken as a whole. I thought it would be fitting for her. The only problem with that is the fact that I had just rolled my pretty-pally in October with the Triple Experience boost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we re-rolled as a group and almost exclusively did Instances to level instead of questing. This left me with very little rep with all factions.

A month or so ago I hooked up with fellow Achievement-Whore Hid and helped him to work on his Loremaster title. This at least got me to Revered with all the Horde Factions and with a little extra work I was able to hit Exalted with both Eastern Kingdoms factions, Undercity and Silvermoon City. We were supposed to start Kalimdor next but that never really happened. I figured I had nothing better to do (and man did I have a lot of Runecloth in my mailboxes) now is as better time as any I suppose!

I started on Tuesday. Way back when the achievements first came out I went to the Orc/Troll starting zone and knocked those out, so my first goal was to do Senjin Village and then Razor Hill. Not a problem, easily done in the span of maybe an hour or so. After that I hiked over to Mulgore to do the Cow Tauren starter zone and work my way out to the Barrens from there. This is where I started to get annoyed.

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New Banner, New Gear, and other Upgrades

February 14, 2009

Its been awhile since I’ve posted with what upgrades I’ve gotten. I have been a little occupied raiding 25mans with Ayrel and his Glorified Pug, not to mention the hustle and bustle of Love is in the Air. Comcast finally seemed to get whatever their problem was under control and my internet has been doing well.

However now that all that is taken care of, I’ve made my post on Best in Slot 10man gear and gave my blog a makeover, I can post about whats been new with my gear.

Sometime after getting my Elder title I also finished up my Argent Dawn rep and snagged the Argent Champion title. I also finally got my Chef title! Which I will probably start wearing again when I see too many people with the Love Fool title. Last Week I also got a handful of upgrades in both 10 and 25man Naxx.

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