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IC Journal Entry: Diseased Wildlife

December 27, 2008

I didn’t have as much time to write over my excursion with Abigore as I thought I would. It turns out that there was a sudden outbreak among some Shoveltusks as it were. Why the Apothecary took an interest in this is beyond me, but alas if there is hope then I must treach onward, however unwilling I may be.

Abigore seemed most interested in the sickly beasts, not to my surprise. He thought to take one back to the Apothecary, assured Faranell would be interested. Upon realizing the outbreak was unrelated to the Apothecary’s work he gave up on the idea, which came as a great relief to me. Could you imagine traveling all the way home with the rotted and unsanitary carcass of a Shoveltusk?

I certainly couldn’t. Despicable.

On the journey back to the Undercity my mind wandered. I was disappointed to come back empty-handed. The trip took a good chunk out of my already busy schedule. I had wanted to lurk the streets of Silvermoon in search of Belinor’s cousin, Kristophe. Apparently he is quite dangerous and though I am quite curious about him, I intend on approaching the situation with great caution. If I am even able to find him all that is.

In addition to my search for Kristophe, I had another meeting I was anxiously awaiting. A meeting with Keira and a friend she has made. When I had met with her the other day we spoke briefly about him before Lyceros showed up and she helped me to execute my grand escape from the city. Though I suppose I have yet to tell you anything about Keira, aside from the fact that she is insufferable and quite the little annoyance.

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IC Journal Entry: Beauty in Darkness, Like the God of Love

December 24, 2008

So we meet again friend!

I thought it unkind and impolite to leave you as I did last night. Not much has occured so I thought it best to get you up to speed as it were.

I met with Lyceros this eve. He seems to have calmed himself since he met with Belinor and I the night before. How terrible it must have been for him to see us there, hands locked in unison. I do deserve for him to be angry with me, though it was not my intention for him to discover my love for Belinor in that way. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. First let me tell you of Lyceros…

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