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Pilgrim’s Bounty: A Guide to this easy Holiday!

November 25, 2009

Who knew when the Pilgrims met the Indians it was this hot?

This week the newest Holiday of Azeroth started: Pilgrim’s Bounty. Its a super easy Meta-Achievement that awards a Turkey Pet and “the Pilgrim” Title. Other bonuses include Festive Outfits, an awesome 10% Reputation Bonus, easily obtainable/cheap Food Buffs and an equally cheap equivalent to the Fish Feast.

Pretty much this Meta-Achievement is obtainable in as little as 2 days. Its really just a lot of travel (Portals are a HUGE time saver – Be extra nice to mages this week!), a lot of planning ahead and a LOT of cooking. If you’re cooking isnt high enough don’t worry! You can level it all the way to 300 by simply making the items required for the Holiday. Already a master chef? Your Chef Hat is going to come in REALLY handy here, so equip it!

The first day you venture out you will want to start in Undercity. You’ll find the first few achievements at the tables located around the area. There is a quest to eat every food available at each table. Simply have a seat and eat the food in front of you, stacking it up to five. You can pass this dish to someone else to acquire the “Food Fight” achievement. Move to another chair to eat another dish again stacking it up to five and passing… repeat until you’ve gotten each dish complete and you should also achieved “Sharing is Caring” as well as a buff that boosts Rep gains by 10%.

While you’re there, pick up the Bountiful Cookbook, which gives you every recipe you’ll need. Be sure to pick up 25 Tirisfal Pumpkins at the vendor as well. Theyre used for the Pumpkin pie, which you’ll need 20 of for a daily and then you’ll need 5 more for later. You can get Autumn Spices and Honey anywhere, so don’t worry about stocking up on those. You can also find the Bountiful Baskets here, which are required to make Bountiful Feasts, the holiday version of Fish Feasts.

There are 5 dailies each for this: 1 for each city and 1 that sends you to another city. At first you’ll want to get either 5 Turkey Shooters or 3 Turkey Shooters, the chest of your choice (Pilgrim’s Robe, Pilgrim’s Attire and Pilgrim’s Dress all count) and a Pilgrim’s Hat for the “Terrokar Turkey Time” achievement. Grab up the 2 dailies located in UC – cook whatever is needed there first, you’ll get the other materials at other city vendors and you’ll end up back in UC when you’re finished anyway. Turn in at UC an d then take the portal to SMC. There isn’t much to do here, but make sure you eat every food at their table for your “Pilgrim’s Paunch” Achievement. Head back to UC and out to Tirisfal, you’ll need to hunt up some Wild Turkey’s!

The Wild Turkey’s are lvl 1 Beasts you can find all over Tirisfal Glades. You’ll need to kill 40 of these in a row while working on a timer for your “The Turkinator” Achievement, but you shouldnt worry about that while you’re farming up these little guys to cook. At first you’ll just want to kill the ones you need, loot them until you’ve gotten 25 and then head to Org.

In Orgrimmar you’ll find the material needed to make your Cranberries, again make sure to get 5 extra for later! Grab the 2 dailies for Org, again cooking what you need for them first. Don’t forget to sit at the table there and obtain your Spirit of Sharing buff before moving on to Thunder Bluff. You’ll find the materials for the Sweet Potatoes there, don’t forget your extra 5. Also you’ll need the pumpkins you picked up from UC for the quest turn in there. Cook them up, hand them over and the last quest should send you back to UC. Again – Don’t forget to get your Spirit of Sharing buff, which should award you the “Pilgrim’s Paunch” achievement.Once back in UC, cook up whats needed for the last Daily Quest there. You should achieve both “Now we’re Cooking” and “Pilgrim’s Progress”.

There is a side quest chain once you’ve ran to all the cities to replenish supplies at other towns. This is why you grabbed 5 extra of each item, as each quest takes 5 of each recipe. It ends by giving you an item called Turkey Caller which calls out a Wild Turkey that you can kill and loot, saving you some time if you need to farm for these later or maybe buy you some time for Turkinator. Plus the turkey has a cute animation! This isnt part of the Meta, but its a neat little item and keeps the holiday fun going.

Once you’ve completed your dailies for the day its time to move on. If you chose all Turkey Shooters then start working on finding all those pesky Rogues. They can be of any level, so it helps if you have friends who can trade making alts with you – helping you both get the achievement easily. You won’t have enough after the first day, you need 8 Turkey Shooters for “Turkey Lurky”, but the next day you can easily run the same routine you did today and get everything you need for your Meta. It should only take 2 days of dailies to get all 8 Turkey Shooters and both pieces of gear needed.

If you chose to get your Chest and Helm you can work on the other Achievements requiring those, “Pilgrim’s Peril” and “Terrokar Turkey Time”. “Terrokar Turkey Time” is straight forward – a quick clear through Setthek Halls, normal mode works fine. This is easily 2manned or you can bring more to make the trip faster. Just don’t forget to equip your holiday chest and helm before killing the last boss, Ikiss.

For “Pilgrim’s Peril” travel around to all the alliance tables and simply sit at them while wearing your holiday chest. Neither eating each food or the helm is needed for this achievement. For some cities the corresponding starter town’s tables also work, but not for all of them, so make sure you have your achievement tracker on. I play on a high-population server and found very little resistance while doing this. You can’t sit at a table while in combat, so try to avoid guards and players as best as possible.

Once all of these achievements are completed you’re left with only one to get before that shiny new title and suicidal pet are yours… “The Turkinator”. This one took a bit to get the hang of, but there are lots of tricks to it if you’re having trouble.

First off – You don’t want to risk looting the corpse in case you don’t find another Wild Turkey in time. You need 40 kills and you have roughly 25 seconds to move between each kill. Pick an Instant Cast ranged Spell if you can, this is a competitve achievement!

Secondly, try to find an open space thats out of the way. I went to Venomweb Vale in Tirisfal and found very little people there, plus it was easy to spot new turkeys as I ran along. The most important key is to keep moving!

If you’re still having trouble don’t worry! There are other things you can do to help yourself out:

  • Try pairing up with a friend to spot out the turkeys with you, two sets of eyes are better than one! You can do the same for them in return.
  • Go late at night, early in the morning, when people are normally raiding or even when the dailies reset. Anytime where you have a better shot of having those turkeys all to yourself.
  • Tracker Snacks are a Northrend Food Item that give you the ability to track beasts. Since these little guys count as such its very helpful. Track beasts for Hunters also works.
  • Don’t get frustrated! Its supposed to be fun. If someone ninjas a kill from you just keep moving to the next one. Same goes for you! Don’t waste time trying to ninja other players’ kills, it will just slow you down. Stay focused and keep moving. You’ll get it in no time!

Thats all there is to it! All in all a pretty easy and fun achievement… even if it does make me super hungry.

Enjoy your new pet and title!