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3.2 BiS Loot Lists… I can has?

November 17, 2009

Today was extended maintenance and I’m nowhere near sleeping so I decided that I should go back over my BiS gear list for Laeyla. I lucked out and the same person who got me through 3.1 with their fantastic list on PlusHeal also posted one for 3.2. I highly suggest you guys check it out if you need any help with gear. After about 15 minutes I realized that I’m only 3 drops away from having all my BiS pieces pre-hardmode and outside of the dreaded T9.5.

I’m kinda torn on what to do about this T9.5 predicament. I have been doing lots of reading on PlusHeal about their thoughts on the set bonuses and most people have said that they’re not all that interested in them. They’re focusing on getting the off-set pieces first before trying to obtain the highly sought after trophies. I think thats the route I’m going to take. I have one trophy sitting around in the bank with my legs, which I won in a lucky VoA25. I’m just in no rush to move into my next tier set.

I seem to always be behind a tier set. When Ulduar came out I was good in my all gold T7.5. While working my way through there I had collected my T8.5 gloves and helm and also got the T8 shoulders from Uld10 since I didnt think I’d be getting Yogg25 down anytime soon, but I was always one piece short of being in my 4pc T8.5 set. All I needed was the pants. However when ToC came out and was so damn easy, no one was doing Ulduar25 anymore. I realized that wow… I’m still wearing this gold getup in ToC >.> It was kind of embarassing. I took an entire day doing theorycraft in my Popink notebook. I didn’t know if I should just get the chest with my badges or what. Eventually though I made the decision to go with the T8 legs from Hodir10 and luckily they dropped that week. I also went the new Bubble Spec which works really well with that 4pc bonus.

So now here we are again. Another set of Tier to move into. This time though I could easily get it, its just so lackluster to me. Yeah I’ll get more cusion from the bonus to the FoL HoT, but I’m losing the HoT from Holy Shock. I think I’d much rather have the shield proc more often and as I said before other Holy Paladins tend to agree. I would kill for a better 2 set bonus on the T9… then I could replace my 10manT8  pieces for the 25man T9.5 pieces.

Oh well though! Moving on…

Since it took me a short time to go over the BiS Holy List, I tried to take a peek at a similar list for Retribution. Oh yeah I guess I never mentioned that! I decided to dual-spec as Retribution a few months back just to make it easier while farming, doing my dailies, etc. Plus it gave me a whole new closet of gear to collect and kept me pretty occupied for those last few months of Uld10 runs. Her set really isn’t all that, which is why I was looking for a ranking list. Unfortunately though I couldn’t seem to find one as good as my Holy List. Naturally Elitist Jerks has a pretty good list that seperates Harmode from ToC25 normal… but I don’t think a lot of melee dps gear is going to be rolled for offspec. So if anyone knows a good place to check one out, please let me know! I might make a list of my own if I have the time, if so I’ll put it here. I’d also like to add a nice Ret Pally Blog to my Blog Roll so I’m looking for one of those too.

I’ll be honest though, I havent really been putting as much time into my Pally as of late. I raid with her through the week and do her cooking/fishing daily (when I remember at least >.<) and then I’m always on my mage the rest of the time. Mainly because my mage needs so much more work than my Pally. I do a lot of things on my mage and actually have fun with them.

Like omg Sons of Hodir dailies! I never had to do those on Laeyla, she’s an inscriptionist. Mari is on her own though and I’ve been doing those every day. She needs REP again… and not just rep.. but EMBLEMS. Tons and Tons of Emblems! Heroics have a point to them again and I don’t even mind doing them. Not to mention the cooking/fishing daily on her. Argent Tournament too! When AT came out the first time Laeyla already had her Ambassador title. Now I can actually benefit from all that free city rep.

I’m having the same problem with her as well though with a definitive gear list. I found a couple for Fire Mages but they don’t really coinside with Arcane. I have most of the badge pieces and I’m hoping to start getting her into some ToC pugs (argh! more on that in another post) so I’d like to know what I’m looking for.

I’ve checked out MaxDps but a lot of people frown upon that site. I used it a little for both Laeyla’s Ret set and for Mari, but my main complaint is that it seems really outdated. I think it was listing Retribution as using Seal of Command and Arcane as being ABx3 + Frostboltx3… both are way off.

I’ll keep looking though and post any updates I find here, at least until I find more Arcane Mage/Ret Pally blogs to lurk!


Marghe!: Thats Mage, but irritated

February 27, 2009

As I have stated countless times in countless places on this Blog, I played a mage for almost 2 years and knew just about all there was to know in TBC about that class. Specs, Stats, Gear, Macros – You needed to know it? I could tell you.

With that being said, I leveled from 1-70 as Fire before switching to Arcane for raiding. I never played as Frost. I was leveling with a Destro-Lock (Abi) and the boost we gave each other made it a no brainer to level as fire. You definitely can’t raid as Frost (alright you can, but its not as good as the other two trees). To me, Frost was for PvP and leveling. I was already 70 and I have never been a fan of PvP so I never really did my research on the tree.

However, when I re-rolled again as Horde and made a little Mage alt, I wouldn’t have a fire lock with me and would probably be doing a good portion of leveling solo. Therefore making the decision to level as frost.

I looked the tree over and just kinda put my points in a bit blindly. Just because I’d never played the class doesnt make me clueless on being a caster. That worked pretty well until I had worked my way down most of the tree. What do I do with all these extra points?!

I turned to fellow bloggers and other places on the net. Critical QQ’s Build was pretty much what I have so far minus the Arcane talents. I took a gander over at the WoW forums and found what I assume to be the Frost Raiding Build… not really what I’m looking for as I plan to raid as FrostFire unless the rumors of an Arcane Missile build coming back are true (pewpewpew my most favorite mage spec!).  With a little further checking I came across what was stickied there as the Frost Leveling Spec, but I’ll admit I found it to be really, really odd. I went to Elitist Jerks and while I love their Paladin section I found the Mage section to be kinda messy in my opinion. =X

So screw it! I decided to work out my own leveling build. I’ll admit I don’t know it all, but I know what my own personal preferences are. This is basically for single target combat and not AOE grinding. I’m not really sure where to throw that last point honestly. I don’t think I would ever use Deep Freeze and Abi has told me over and over that Brain Freeze isn’t worth it. I wanted Imp Blizzard because I use Blizzard a ton when my Water Elemental is out (or you know, when there is more than one mob hanging around) I saw a lot of builds that didn’t take Frostbite and aside from the raiding build I have no idea why. Same for Winter’s Chill. I found that missing from a lot of the specs and I didn’t understand that either. Free Crit just for casting Frostbolt? Yes please.

Feel free to look it over and tell me what a horrible Frostie I am >.< or what your own personal preferences are. Aside from SpicyTuna and CriticalQQ, where do you go for all your up to the minute Mage info?


Oh Alts, How I loathe thee

February 24, 2009

I have realized that with Ulduar not being released for over a month, no more Holidays for even longer and nothing else to look forward to besides rep grinds and other tedious achievements, the time has come for my first Alt of the Expansion.

Meet Classaria

Meet Classaria

Enter Classaria (or just Saria) my little frost mage fledgling. As some of you may have read on my lengthy Info page, I played a Mage as my main for about 2 years. Those 2 years is when I encountered most of my Raiding Experience and was also Mage Class Leader. So much has changed with the class since last I’ve played and I really wanted to see what I’ve been missing out on. In addition to that I had never played as Frost either so I figured it would be a new experience for me.

I had leveled her pretty much to 60 with a mix of the Refer a Friend promotion and after that expired with some good ol’ fashion grinding of my own, however I soon let her sit around and gather dust. She was pretty much my DE bitch and that was all. After giving her a Character Recustomization (for a new face) and about 10-15 different hair cut and color combinations (which I still can’t really settle on >.<) I’ve finally started working on her again, dinging 65 before I was cut-off by server maintenance.

Frost was interesting to start out but I’m slowly and surely getting bored with it.  I plan on sticking it through for the next 10 levels until I get Frostfire Bolt and then going with a spec like that to hopefully take her through some pug raids and possibly an alt run that Vae Victus is thinking about starting up when we get enough people with alts to 80.

For now though, look for more mage informative posts in addition to my Holy Pally posts and feel free to reccomend any blogs you know of full of magey goodness!