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/ReadyCheck: My 3.1 CheckList

April 14, 2009

Apparently I was AFK >.>

As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to post about the last minute improvements I was straining for before the patch came out and we all skipped merrily into Ulduar. However, Blizz has shocked many and announced the release of 3.1 TOMORRROW, therefore making the entire post I worked on irrelevant lol. So this post is going to take a different turn. My plan this week was to do the following:

  • Run VOA/OS for Valorous Gloves!
  • PuG Naxx 25 for a few last minute upgrades.

I did manage to full clear Naxx 25 this week, with a group I ran with the previous week. I picked up my T7.5 Shoulders the first night, which are oh so smexy smexy plus I had enough emblems to also pick up my T7.5 legs and get the 4 piece bonus. I wanted to try my hand at VOA and OS before I decided to get my legs however, just in case I didn’t really need to spend the badges. I ran OS, my gloves dropped but I got outrolled. BOO! No worries still had VOA to go, bupkiss… except for the mount!!! Which I also got outrolled on by the same damn priest who got my gloves! Ah well, no worries.

Eventually I caved and got my legs because honestly what else am I gonna do with the badges? So I got those and was reveling in my golden (or Yellow as Hid teases) glory. I went back to finish that same Naxx pug and go figure THREE pairs of pally/priest/lock pants dropped. *grumbles* Oh well. I did however get the Libram of Tolerance since I was the only Paladin in the group. I’m not really sure how I feel about this Libram as Holy Light is a big enough heal as it is. Now that I have the 4-set bonus I might be able to switch out, but honestly I feel like it would only make even better at overhealing -_- I didn’t get anymore drops from that run, but the group was persistent and I picked up the Achievement for the Fall of Naxxramas: Heroic. Yay for more achievements. As I mentioned, I went with them again this week in hopes of getting a couple pieces, but it wasn’t the best night for Holy Pallies. Nothing dropped at all for me aside from the Shroud of Luminosity, which I happily won.

I have become slightly obsessed with Some of my good friends are ranked really high on there and I like to pretend I’m geared as good as them haha. For example, Hid’s Priest is actually the 5th best geared person on the entire server (2nd just for Priests!) and my friend from Silvermoon is ranked 3rd on that server (1st for Priests!). The last time I had looked I was rated pretty decently for only doing 10s on the regular. I thought for sure since I got some new drops I would get bumped up higher, but unfortunately I went down a few spots. I noticed that I was getting dinged for not having better enchants and the epic spell-thread so I picked those up as well. As it stands at this very moment, I am ranked 12th Horde-Side and 22nd Overall out of a list of 299 other Holy Paladins.  Not too shabby, I can live with that.

So after getting 2 more pieces of Valorous, iLvl 213 cloak and having all the best enchants this is what I’m working with:

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Adventures in Questing: My Race to Ambassador

February 27, 2009

Before I began working on leveling my Mage (Ding 67 btw), I went on a ridiculous Achievement Binge on my Paladin. While it started with Love is in the Air, it carried over into that weekend’s Naxx where we acquired a handful of Achievements as well.

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

Mmm! Tastes like Epeen Points!

After Naxx I spent the rest of my downtime during the weekend in BGs, strictly to get some Achievements in there as well. I am not a fan of PvP at all, so the fact that I did this shows how hell-bent I seemed to be. I also took Abi’s Dr00d though Seth Halls and soloed a bit of Labs to get the rest of my Lower City Rep to get honored status and get the Auchenei Key, my last key needed for the Keymaster Achievement. I was a mad woman, by the end of the weekend I had gotten about 150 Achievement points.

So what to do with myself during the week? It started off harmlessly, buying a few pets from both the Horde and Neutral AH to get the next rank of the vanity pet Achievement. However, that took very little time and with wanting to leave my BIS 10man Gear List up for awhile on my blog, I was quite bored.

Awhile back (before I got really heavy into the Achievement Grind) I had always wanted to get the Ambassador Title for my Paladin. This was mainly due to RP reasons because she worked very closely to the Apothecary and the Forsaken as a whole. I thought it would be fitting for her. The only problem with that is the fact that I had just rolled my pretty-pally in October with the Triple Experience boost. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we re-rolled as a group and almost exclusively did Instances to level instead of questing. This left me with very little rep with all factions.

A month or so ago I hooked up with fellow Achievement-Whore Hid and helped him to work on his Loremaster title. This at least got me to Revered with all the Horde Factions and with a little extra work I was able to hit Exalted with both Eastern Kingdoms factions, Undercity and Silvermoon City. We were supposed to start Kalimdor next but that never really happened. I figured I had nothing better to do (and man did I have a lot of Runecloth in my mailboxes) now is as better time as any I suppose!

I started on Tuesday. Way back when the achievements first came out I went to the Orc/Troll starting zone and knocked those out, so my first goal was to do Senjin Village and then Razor Hill. Not a problem, easily done in the span of maybe an hour or so. After that I hiked over to Mulgore to do the Cow Tauren starter zone and work my way out to the Barrens from there. This is where I started to get annoyed.

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Holy Paladin BIS Gear List: 10man

February 15, 2009

If your guild is like mine then your primary focus is on 10man raiding. I believe there are a lot of guilds out there that are like this. A few weeks back I was trying to locate a Best in Slot gear list targeted for those of us who only do 10mans but I was unable to find anything. So I figured that I would try to compile my own list.

Looking for a Holy Paladin BIS Gear List for 25mans? Siha over at BananaShoulders has a phenomenal list that coincides greatly with my own gearing choices.

First I want to mention that this list is based on what my own preferred methods of gearing and gemming are. After looking at some of this gear I’ve discovered that some of the Emblem of Heroism Rewards are better and that some of the Reputation and Heroic Dungeon Rewards are comparable and will include those in this list as well. I have not included any other armor classes other than plate either, mainly to cut down on what I would have to filter through.

A note on Tier 7 Pieces:

A lot of the pieces are in fact better than T7 when comparing them separately. I will offer comparisons in the notes for each item. Personally, when dealing with Tier upgrades, I tend to look at set bonuses. If I won’t gain a set bonus and the Tier piece is not an upgrade, I probably won’t wear it. However if the Tier piece is a downgrade, but I’ll pick up a set bonus, that changes how I look at the item in question.

I hope this list proves useful to my fellow 10man Healadins! On to the shinies!

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New Banner, New Gear, and other Upgrades

February 14, 2009

Its been awhile since I’ve posted with what upgrades I’ve gotten. I have been a little occupied raiding 25mans with Ayrel and his Glorified Pug, not to mention the hustle and bustle of Love is in the Air. Comcast finally seemed to get whatever their problem was under control and my internet has been doing well.

However now that all that is taken care of, I’ve made my post on Best in Slot 10man gear and gave my blog a makeover, I can post about whats been new with my gear.

Sometime after getting my Elder title I also finished up my Argent Dawn rep and snagged the Argent Champion title. I also finally got my Chef title! Which I will probably start wearing again when I see too many people with the Love Fool title. Last Week I also got a handful of upgrades in both 10 and 25man Naxx.

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The Fall of Naxxramus

January 26, 2009

This weekend was really good for Vae Victus and raiding, despite the consistant bad luck we’ve had with people on our server.

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Holy Abandoned Blog, Batman!

January 20, 2009

Crikey! I went a really long time without posting. I didn’t mean to, I was just super occupied this past week or so. Now that things are a little settled (and the servers are down) I can catch you up on everything. Recap go!

First of all, Comcast did some crazy maintenance to their system that left me and Abi without internet for the better part of a week. I was beyong annoyed. We had to cancel Naxx because of it. They finally came out and replaced our modem and things have been working well since then.

As far as raiding goes, things have been much better. We downed FIVE new bosses this weekend in Naxx,  one-shotting Gluth and Thaddius. We pretty much have our raid team solidified, aside from one DPS spot. However, Rudilyn, a fellow Holy Pally who is now playing a priest, has decided to push his toon to 80 and fill the spot for us. Having raided on the 2nd best guild on his other server, I know he can bring a lot to the raid team. He has knowledge of every raid in the game right now and that will give us an advantage, plus he is a stand-up player all around. I hope to have Naxx fully cleared hopefully by the end of February, but we’ll see. We only have 5 bosses left to learn so I have high hopes.

I have re-gemmed and enchanted my gear to reflect the new bonus from Intellect. My spell power seems really low at just under 1800, but my intellect is at 1055. I literally cannot go out of mana, its very convenient lol. I have gotten a good amount of upgrades our last few Naxx raids.

The legs I had to think over for awhile. Finally I figured that they would be a side-grade as long as I used two Brilliant Autum’s Glow. I really wanted the boost to crit. I had a screencap of my new stats but then I got the new boots and all my raid buffs had worn off. Hopefully this weekend I get my shoulders, cuz I need new shoulders something fierce. I am also hoping that my T7 gloves drop from Archavon so I can use my badges to get the trinket. I need to find a 10-man BIS list for Holy Pallies. I’m sure there is one on

We did Molten Core on Old School Raid Night. I got two pieces of Lawbringer, the shoulders and legs. I chuckled at my own pair of Banana Shoulders. I also got my Judgement Helm from Onyxia. I can’t wait to have that whole set. Its my favorite for Paladins. After the patch I can start working on getting new peices, but until then I guess Lawlbringer will have to work lol.

Speaking of the Patch, its supposed to be out today. I am excited for the new Holy Pally Glyphs as well as finally being able to get the Chef title! I’m only missing one achievement for the title, which I was unable to get because it required recipes that were not in the game. There are some other good things too that I can’t remember off the top of my head. I’ll have to make an official patch post when it for sure comes out.

Other than raiding I have been doing some crazy Achievement binging. My super good friend Hid was working on the Loremaster acheivement and I have been tagging along with him to work on Rep for my Ambassador title. I also got the Explorer Title, but I believe I already mentioned that. I’m very close to being exalted with Undercity, but I have hit a somewhat roadblock with Silvermoon City Rep. I did all of Eversong, the Ghostlands and Falcon Watch which left me with about 10k rep to go. I looked at the quest list on Wowhead and it pretty much made my head spin. I’ll get it eventually I’m sure.

Lastly there is RP. I havent been RPing at all to be honest. I tried to give Belinor another shot and suffice it to say it wasn’t the best of ideas. I won’t go into the gory details and my head is still spinning from the complete idiocy of the entire situation. Lyceros is getting married and I am planning on going to the wedding. Hopefully Hid will be my date (*blush*) but I’m not holding out for it (*sadness*). He has been under a lot of raid stress lately and not to mention sporratic sleeping habits.

It seems like I’ve had to deal with a lot of OOC drama surrounding the handful of people I have RP’d with. Its really kinda turned me off to RPing at all. Raiding is stressful enough, RP is supposed to be the escape from that. I’m thinking that I’ll just take a short break from it for awhile as I work on achievements. I hid out all night in Outlands lol and had a nice little break for the most part. I want to RP with my guildies still, I’m just focused on PVE at the moment I suppose.

Well thats pretty much whats been happening since my last post. I’ll try to be better about posting!


Pre-Naxx: Personal Gear Check!

January 7, 2009

Inspired by a post that Fear.Win made and using Siha’s excellent guide, I decided to do a personal gear check of sorts and share it on the interwebz! I actually think my gear is decent for the most part and for not really doing many raids.

Basically I’ll go through my gear and scrutinize it! Fun right? Lets get started.

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