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Holy Paladin BIS Gear List: 10man

February 15, 2009

If your guild is like mine then your primary focus is on 10man raiding. I believe there are a lot of guilds out there that are like this. A few weeks back I was trying to locate a Best in Slot gear list targeted for those of us who only do 10mans but I was unable to find anything. So I figured that I would try to compile my own list.

Looking for a Holy Paladin BIS Gear List for 25mans? Siha over at BananaShoulders has a phenomenal list that coincides greatly with my own gearing choices.

First I want to mention that this list is based on what my own preferred methods of gearing and gemming are. After looking at some of this gear I’ve discovered that some of the Emblem of Heroism Rewards are better and that some of the Reputation and Heroic Dungeon Rewards are comparable and will include those in this list as well. I have not included any other armor classes other than plate either, mainly to cut down on what I would have to filter through.

A note on Tier 7 Pieces:

A lot of the pieces are in fact better than T7 when comparing them separately. I will offer comparisons in the notes for each item. Personally, when dealing with Tier upgrades, I tend to look at set bonuses. If I won’t gain a set bonus and the Tier piece is not an upgrade, I probably won’t wear it. However if the Tier piece is a downgrade, but I’ll pick up a set bonus, that changes how I look at the item in question.

I hope this list proves useful to my fellow 10man Healadins! On to the shinies!

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Titles, Gear and Stats: A Quick Update

January 29, 2009

I’ve been really busting my plate covered patootie since my last post. Tuesday I ran 4 raid instances, 10/25 Voa and 10/25 Sarth and also completed all my Achievements for the Elder Title. I spent a good amount of time farming herbs and used the money to finally get some Frostweave bags. I’m only 2 recipes away from the Chef Title, but I still need to spend the time farming to get my cooking to 450 >.<

Aside from all of that I ran a handful of heroics. VoA 10/25 proved to be unprofitable by way of gear, but I did pick up some new shinies from Sartharian:

I had my T7 chest, but this was a ridiculous upgrade for it being from a 25man so I decided to use it. Its very pretty and blue. Much easier on the eyes than the dark gold.

Very excited to get these. These were the main reason I was running VoA, strange that I picked them up in an impromptu 10man OS run. I normally don’t like the Dazzling Forrest Emeralds, but I wanted to get the crit from the socket bonus.

Since I picked up my T7 gloves, I had a bunch of badges that needed spending. Since I got my trinket after last week’s Naxx, I decided to go ahead and pick up the last piece of badge gear.

This was a sidegrade but it had a lot of crit on it instead of the pretty much useless mp5 that my other belt had. Since I replaced my chest, I wanted to make up for the lack of the 2-set bonus.

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